The jewish word salad of Connecticut barristers betrays the feeble legal arguments played upon the goy in the name of trafficking children. The panic over the lack of immunity found by Judge Susan Cobb in the civil suit against Dr. Linda Smith, PhD catches the attention of blog legal and editorial seniors. Attorney Cara Joyce pleads that the undefined personal opinions of jewish psychologists in family court is a CRUCIAL function of the court in the jewish delicacy of fabricated custody fights holding no state interest. The choice of words in what is a jewish pleading, for a jewish cause, to protect a jewish financial interest is suggestive of the underlying ideological conflict which appears alien to the American landscape: abrogation of the free exercise clause.

The blog elders note the Orwellian construct employed by the Connecticut family court to fabricate the aura of expertise and authority of jew psychobabblists descended from the Frankfurt School to perform a ‘custody evaluation’. The term ‘evaluation’ simply means opinion. Court practice requires a state licensed ‘mental health professional’ [PB 25-60A] to make the opinion, no standards involved. To the feeble goy mind, this dictate of jews in black robes promotes the power of the state, while excluding Church doctrine. A Priest is barred by rule of jew judges from providing the same unqualified opinion over parent-child bonds that is allowed by the jew licensee. Critical theory of Frankfurt jews is acceptable to the court, but theology of Christ is not. The jew court will thwart two thousand years of Church doctrine, followed by millions of the faithful, applying jewdicial discretion using baseless critical theory, which is followed by no one. The constitutional defeat is subtle, but pronounced. Why is mental health the foundation for the crucial jewish opinion of the parent-child bond? In America, mental health matters tread upon civil rights protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, where destroying such bonds on claim of disability is discrimination, which the state court is prohibited from doing, under federal law.

No government interest exists under American ‘no-fault’ divorce to attack parent-child bonds. America holds no standard for marriage, no cause for divorce, applies no theological doctrine to the concept of family, but hurls jewish word salad in statutes professing a public policy for ‘strong families‘. The state proclaims by policy and statute that there should be strong families, good parents, and well cared for children; but in conduct the court destroys families, maligns parents, and destroys parental-child bonds under the jewish label of ‘best interests’; financial devastation notwithstanding. State law upholds religious freedoms by prohibiting courts from placing any burden on the religion of parent-child bonds, free exercise of the Fourth Commandment is protected, which the jews in black intentionally ignore. The jewish court uses state licensed psychobabblists to singularly inject poisonous jewish opinion to deny free exercise of Catholicism; a subtle end run around the law, deceptively labeling the deprivation ‘best interests’. The court acts as a weapon of judaism in attack and destruction of Christianity, the family Bar lawyers being satan’s foot soldiers and the judges Kundry’s knights.

Blog elders, noting that words hold meaning, find the claim of CRUCIAL function cited by Attorney Joyce to be disturbing, as the root comes from the Latin crux meaning cross. It is more than irony that the jews who seek to destroy families of the Church of the Cross claim they perform a CRUCIAL function. The construction is remarkable act of jewish hijacking of enlightened law as parens patriae powers to protect infants derives from divine powers of the King under Church law, which is wielded in modern times to create conflict, force parents to fight over gifts from God, for the sole purpose of enriching jew court players, while advancing a jewish attack on the Church.

Connecticut family court reveals its true form as the monster of evil and enemy of the Church. As Tacitus observes: “The Jews are a race that hates the gods and mankind. Their laws are in opposition to those of mortals. They despise what is sacred to us. Their laws encourage them to commit acts that horrify us. Those who are converted to their ways follow the same practice, and the earliest lesson they receive is to despise the gods, to disown their country, and to regard their parents, children, and brothers as of little account.” Over sixteen centuries later, Voltaire finds the jew to be the downfall of humanity: “In short, we find in them only an ignorant and barbarous people, who have long united the most sordid avarice with the most detestable superstition and the most invincible hatred for every people by whom they are tolerated and enriched.” In modern times, the jew spews forth his hatred of a free people from altars at 90 Washington Street, RFTD in Middletown, 300 Grand in Waterbury and in every session of family court.

Jew judges are monsters, so evil as to deny children hugs from their own mothers, who rely on opinions of immune jews, founded on jewish theory to destroy the Church. The only American question to remain is when will the jews of Connecticut family court get a .50 cal to the head?

Editor’s Note: The Connecticut Judiciary violates the free exercise clause of the First Amendment, by holding the Talmud over the Bible, jew critical theory over Church doctrine. The jewdicial disdain for the Constitution of the goy is palpable … very jewish and worthy of a .50 cal.