Communist Court

Most Americans do not realize the underlying ideology that drives the horrors of family court in a Christian society. It is not the moral compass of an enlightened people, it is the design of communism. The concept of ‘no fault’ divorce did not spring forth from the demand of a unified society for an enlightened purpose of a benevolent people, rather it derives from a sinister element of evil within the human race to undermine thousands of years of theological evolution. The continuing battle of Good vs. Evil. The human race is built upon the concept of familial piety, bonds between husband and wife, commitment to children as the foundation of a proper society for the benefit of all. Only jewish communists strive to defeat this condition, destroying a benevolent belief system to advance tyranny. The jews created communism to turn a people into a herd of four legged animals with calves; much easier to rule. To destroy the sanctity of marriage, jews created ‘no fault’ divorce for the singular jewish ideology of communist rule. The state crushes the concept of family, where children become creatures of the ruling committee.

The construction of mislabeled ‘family law’ in Connecticut reveals the jewish purpose to destroy society from within. No fault divorce was injected into Russian society along with the jewish-communist effort to destroy the Orthodox Church. Religion was to be eliminated, the people would only serve a singular state master, or be starved to death for disobedience. The so called Russian Revolution of 1917 was an invasion of western jews, financed primarily from Wall Street jews who had been fleeing Imperial Russia since 1881. The revolutionaries of Russia were all foreign or exiled jews. Wardens of all gulags were jews. The assassination of Czar Nicholas II and his family was ordered by jews. The destruction of churches throughout the country was carried out on orders of jews. The starvation of millions of non-conforming Christian peasants was carried out on the orders of jews.

American no fault divorce was propelled by an organization of jews in Los Angeles; judges, lawyers, politicians funded by jews who, in 1963, created the AFCC in a LA County courthouse. The well funded political effort resulted in Governor Reagan signing the communist concept into law in 1969, which he later regretted being his greatest political mistake. The jews pushed their ideology across the country, into Canada, Britain, Ireland, throughout Europe, all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Today the AFCC controls every unscrupulous actor in every family court across the Christian world, it is a jewish organization with a singular agenda: destroy the concept of marriage and family. Pure communism. Pure jew.

Connecticut has been completely wired to the point the family court focuses on destruction of families while enriching the destructors. The jews manipulate the legislature to amend statutes that incrementally give a black robed monster complete discretionary power to destroy a family, rape the children, and drain all savings. The family court operates without due process, with vindictiveness, and jewish purpose. The judges wield tyrannical powers that the Founders fought and died to eliminate. The power suspends the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, where human decency is ignored to advance the compelling communist interest in destruction of familial bonds. All the nasty players are jewish. Elliot Solomon controlled the court for decades with rabbinical powers, training all judges in jewish ideology to subvert the goy. Jewish judges of the state supreme court thwarted all past laws protecting parent-child bonds. Jews Borden and Katz conferred absolute immunity upon the jewish foot soldier known as the Guardian Ad Litem. Miscreant Lynda Munro and her jewish pals got Speziale’s court to cancel parental rights completely by giving judicial control to traffic children purely by discretion on application of a third party, citing the undefined standard of what a jew finds to be in the ‘best interest’ of the child creature of the state, a communist ideology based on the Talmud’s chosen consideration over four legged animals and their calves; Christian religious beliefs ignored. The present day list of jewish miscreants on the bench include Donna Heller, Gerard Adelman, Jane Grossman, Holly Wetstone, Barbara Aarons, Karen Goodrow, Elaine Gordon, Marylouise Schofield, Barry Pinkus, Mark Gould, and the famously debenched Jane Emons, and dyke Maureen Murphy. Not to mention the notorious pedo battle axe Judge Annie Dranginis who was so adept at familial relations that her own daughter committed suicide. Fellow conspirators in communist rule include Anna Ficeto, Eric Coleman, Leo Diana, Elizabeth Bozzuto, Barry Armata, Tammt Viet Nguyen, Erika Tindill. Dutiful jewish foot soldiers of GAL fame, Steve Dembo, Margaret Bozek, Ciel Gersten, Mary Brigham, Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Justine Rakich-Kelly, Rhonda Morra, Janis Laliberte, Veronica Reich, Sue Cousineau, Michael Meehan, Sharon Dornfeld, Geraldine Ficarra, Rosa Rebimbas, Kim Duel, Caryl Balskus, all trained in their communist witchcraft by the dark jewish hand in child trafficking and bank account rape. Their lucrative appointments at the hand of the jew judges comes with strings. Let’s not forget the court’s reliance on the jewish junk science of psychology on which the black robe monsters rely for guidance on how to destroy childhoods. The players are notorious for inhumane and non-Christian ‘recommendations’. The list includes Sydney Horowitz, Andrew Hechtman, Linda Smith, Jessica Caverly, Bruce Freedman, Robert Horowitz, Stephanie Stein Leite, Kenneth Robson. All live on spoils of family destruction, a jewish delicacy.

The communist structure of the court is embedded in statutes installed by the jewdicial mafia through the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly, driven by subversive efforts pushed by Elliot Solomon, his predecessor Herbert Gruendel, and support staff lead by the notorious jew Martin Libbin, defacto general counsel of all things evil in the judiciary, orchestrated through Legislative Liaison Melissa Farley. The mafia committee of the Family Division of the Connecticut Bar Association works beyond public view to keep the communist elements of family destruction in fine tune. Jew puppets of the committee over the years have been gay boy Andrew McDonald, Paul Doyle, the communist William Tong, the gender confused Rosa Rebimbas, jew lover John Kissel, nigger retard boy Eric Coleman and a majority of politicians with law degrees under the thumb of the ruling jew judges of the judiciary. The communist court gets everything it wants to replace law with jewdicial discretion, slipped under the nose of a trusting and unsuspecting public. Jew rule over the goy … communism. Kids no longer belong to parents, they are toys of the jews, creatures of the state, revenue generators. Gay marriage, no marriage, legalizing pedophilia, gender confusion, butchering genitalia, all on the long game agenda of the jews executed under propaganda labels of domestic violence, socialism, child protection, best interests, where Connecticut is now a jewish cesspool, devoid of parental rights.

The system has been so hard wired by jewish ideology over the goy that there is no hope for people’s redress to undo what has been a steady march to communism enacted bit by bit in family law over the last fifty years. Statutes that still get in the way of child trafficking are simply ignored in the trial court, where the appellate court approves as exercise of jewdicial discretion, where the state supreme court denies cert, leaving the goy with nothing but the Second Amendment to protect their children. The jewish march to communism incites imminent lawless action, a call to arms, an incitement to violence. Only dry powder and .308 ball can defeat the communist court and stop these jewish monsters in their systematic rape and destruction of childhoods. Jewish enemies of the Constitution beg their own destruction.

Black robes are cotton cloth, incapable of stopping public redress to jewdicial tyranny.

Communist jews run family court, beware.
Parental child protection starter pack
Communist child predator Judge Michael Albis, head of family fuckery in Corrutpicut. Gonna get a 50 cal to the head?
Chief Judge of Communist Court … a rope, a tree, hang the referee!