Jewish Immunity!

Welcome back to the cesspool of Connecticut Family Court where jew judges rig everything against the goy. Blog famous jew psychobabblist Linda Smith, PhD, expert in everything about other folk’s families, has stepped upon the stage of public scrutiny only to claim ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for her psycho fuckery performed under a state professional license. See how this works? The jew court relies on a jew psychonut to proclaim all that is bad with a parent and what to do with little kids. The court requires that such expert be licensed by the State to perform such ‘forensic’ work sanctioned by jew judges. No standard of care applies, just baseless opinion. The court relies on this jewish mysticism to see into the future, as to what will be best for the children today. But when the goy call horseshit on psychobabble, the jewish court anoints their pet with ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY!!!!

Just another example of the jewish game of wiring the system to fuck over the goy, rape the kids, steal family savings, while remaining untouchable by legal recourse. Note the same scam was applied by the jews of the high state court, conferring absolute immunity on GALs, giving them license to rape, plunder, and loot anything of value from a family who foolishly enters the mis-named ‘family’ court of Connecticut. The stage is set by John Sakon of Farmington, a savvy businessman who knows a con job when it hits his wallet. The infamous Linda Smith, PhD got involved in his divorce case, a red flag to blog aficionados, who know that when Smith shows up, the kids are being raped. Smith is being sued for being a true jerk who cannot comply with the terms of her own commercial contract. The complaint can be read here. The underlying divorce case is a typical lawyer rouse on a dad with money. Protracted and pointless litigation generating excessive lawyer feed, for dyke cunt Jenn Shukla overseen by morons in black robes protecting their pets and collecting a commission for permitting frivolous litigation, without calling it frivolous. Nut job mother in the divorce case has a pedo boyfriend who likes playing with the little kid’s ass and is paying the freight for Shukla to cut dad out of the picture, where Linda Smith has been brought in to finish him off. Pedo case can be seen here. Blog fans will instantly recognize a pedo case by the appearance of Margaret Bozek as GAL and Linda Smith as ‘evaluator’, so obvious, so jewish, so Connecticut.

The point of interest is that in a free society where ‘we the people’ are the sovereigns, the jews claim ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for their parasitic scams on the goy. Connecticut courts are renowned for mis-applying immunity on their pets. The most blatant confirmation on jews is the state supreme court case Carrubba v Moskowitz, where jew justices of the high bench blessed the jews serving as GALs in family court with ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY in the rape of goy kids and plundering of goy family savings. Next was the insane ruling by Chase ‘retarded’ Rogers who conferred immunity on a white guy driving a limo for a bunch of self-described ‘indians’ who run a casino. That errant decision was promptly overturned by a unanimous decision of SCOTUS where the US Attorney General appeared to ensure the insanity of the Connecticut judiciary did not pollute the rest of the country.

Now we have the jew psychobabblists of Connecticut claiming ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for being a vendor to the cesspool of family court. Oi vey, next pedophiles will get immunity for raping your kids, welcome to jewland. The motion to dismiss filed by legal miscreant Cara Joyce of MorrisonMahoney is dripping with jewish contempt for the the power of the sovereign. Newsflash: There is no statute which confers immunity of any kind on jewish psychobabblists masquerading as forensic experts in family court. Cara Joyce claims all sorts of theory, doctrine, practice and jewish logic on why a clown like Linda Smith should be immune from legal attack by the goy. Jews are above the goy. Talmud does not allow a goy to prevail in a rabbinical court. What Cara Joyce pleads to the court is jewish mysticism and wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, in the big courthouse of 9 justices, in Washington, a black man in a black robe called bullshit on court doctrines of immunity. Justice Clarence Thomas states that immunity is a matter of law, enacted by the legislative and executive branches of government, it is not a matter for the judiciary, see Tanzin v Tanvir. This stupid cunt, Cara Joyce, representing Smith claims a ‘doctrine’. Let’s examine how jewish mysticism creates a doctrine for the goy!!

An obvious sleight of hand by Attorney Joyce is to cite every bit of case law on quasi immunities for lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc., but nothing to a charlatan forensic expert practicing outside the legally licensed practice of psychology. Joyce obscures the simple fact that defamation suits may be barred against clowns of the court, but breach of contract, claims of perjury, malpractice are not. Linda Smith is open for attack in suit for malpractice under her state license for making improper diagnosis, providing fabricated opinions under the guise of professional standing, not to mention breach of contract, for which she is properly being sued. Lawyers like Joyce are an embarrassment to society. There is no judicial doctrine that gives a jew psychobabblist license to steal, there is no immunity from the suit filed. Linda Smith is getting exposed for being the cheat she truly is, her comeuppance has come.

The blog gives a shout out to Justice Hennessey who properly dissented on judicial confirmation of immunity for family court players back in 2004. He properly stated that immunity is to be addressed to a lawmaking body, it is not the role of judges to legislate! Of course, old man Hennessey was promptly beaten in his chambers by the jewdicial cadre of pedophiles who demand immunity for all acts necessary to traffic a kid. Hennessey was not a jew.

Perhaps it is time for Linda Smith to think of therapy, talking in a room with an adult who can help her identify her cheating ways, highlighting how the goy can see through her scam of unprofessionalism, to help her better understand herself and her demons, all the current parts of her pathetic existence and all the children she has helped rape in her past, most importantly she will need to work to find redemption, lest her charred corpse be found in a ditch, as a simple message to her pedophile protectors. The righteous assume their own immunity, as the battle of good vs. evil rages in the cesspool of Connecticut family court.

The old issue of discord applies when ‘we the people’ have no recourse, are barred in redress of grievances against a tyrannical government and corrupt courts, when there is no peaceful path, a sovereign people are left only violence to achieve a more perfect union, the First falls to the Second, a .50 cal to the head becomes the law of the land in purge of tyranny to uphold the Constitution. Connecticut courts are obviously begging for it.

Idiot family court judge, moron in black robe, Tammy Nguyen-O’Dowd, destroyer of parent child bonds … trained by jews.
Attorney Jen Shulka, retard dyke of FreedMarcoft, knows nothing of law, just destroys parent-child bonds for a paycheck.
The infamous, the jewish, the pedo Margaret Bozek, a red flag to parents when she shows up!
The people’s ultimate form of justice, after all, it all started with a single shot heard ’round the world!