Misty’s Misconduct

FreedMarcroft, the all women, man hating, family law, assemblage of sisters of the smelly tampon put on a show of shear incompetence before Judge Constance Epstein at the Hartford Family Circus on Tuesday. Misty Simmons, demonstrated her physical dexterity to support her short, wide, obese frame upon high heels, pressing holes in the carpet as she wobbled before the bar, a truly grotesque human form; short, fat, and stupid. Her client, nut job, crazy bitch Francelia Sevin, mother of Odin Sakon had previously sworn in an ex-parte emergency pleading to Judge Robert Nastri that little Odin was in such psychological fear of dad as to cause the child to ‘poop’ his pants while in father’s presence at a Red Sox game. Judge Nastri bought into the perjured claim of poop, issuing an ex-parte motion, stripping father of custody, while issuing an order of protection against poop preventing any more Red Sox games with dad. Anyone starting to sense the judges have some serious mental defects of their own?

Misty the blob made a spectacle of the evidentiary hearing on the pooping child. She subpoenaed two cops from Farmington Police who witnessed mom’s insane behavior in her attempt to drag Odin out of dad’s house, while ranting about nonsense in view of the child. Her attempt to destroy the autographed baseball from the game also failed. When Misty found out what Officers MacKenzie Capizzi and Jason Passaflume had to say about mom’s mis-behaviour and inability to follow police orders to go back to Manchester, Jabba the Misty dismissed them, as their testimony would not fit mom’s perjury that dad was bad. But dad put them on the stand for fun. Judge Epstein was not amused at Misty’s play of dragging cops to court under subpoena only to send them back to Farmington with a ‘no, never mind’. The cops testified mom was a nut, Odin was not in any harm, mom refused to follow police direction to leave private property. Misty put mom on the stand exposing how nutty she is and let her spew all her hatred for father on the record. Drama was thick, but Misty let her client hang herself, exposing the meritless, frivolous, vexatious litigation, for which Misty was bagging at least $3,000 from the penniless, unemployed mom, whose penchant for court drama is funded by boyfriend, lawyer, and former public defender, Dennis O’Toole who somehow keeps coming up with cash to pay FreedMarcroft to practice child abuse in family court.

Such a remarkable shit show. The true essence of family law. File shit, lie, commit perjury, engage in defamation, fight over nothing, destroy a childhood, while judges facilitate litigation for the sole purpose of generating billable hours for incompetent firms like FreedMarcroft. Sanctions anyone? Meghan Freed and Kristen Marcroft manage the firm to swindle clients by pursuing pointless litigation, in this case ‘poop’ litigation, protected by corrupt judges. Two managing partners overseeing the misuse of the legal process and abuse of law. Sanctions? Disbarment? Misty did not even address the claim of pooping pants. No evidence of defecation, no exhibits of poop, no soiled underwear. Sworn words on paper that pants had been pooped and attendance at a Red Sox game was harmful, but no EVIDENCE to support mother’s sworn complaint of child endangerment. But Misty does not give a shit, she is happily billing her client big bucks to put on a show … nothing to do with law, just legal fees. Sanctions?

Of course Judge Epstein was in on the racket, what would have taken a real judge five seconds to dismiss, Epstein dragged out for almost three hours of court time. Two hours wasted with ‘family relations’ and an entire day gets billed by FreedMarcroft, who laugh all the way to the bank. In the afternoon, when Epstein finally ruled the hoax was up, the matter dismissed, nut job momma sat next to her blob of a lawyer, shaking her head at the judge, making a childish face of disgust, which Epstein instantly reprimanded with a stern elderly rebuke for disrespect for the court. Misty laughed.

FreedMarcroft’s previous lawyer, Jenn Shukla, filed a similar ex-parte action in July, claiming dad’s erratic behaviour was injurious to Odin, where mom refused to allow Odin to visit, claiming a risk to child safety, which was dismissed outright by Judge Viet-Nguyen, who has been dragging this case out beyond the five year mark without a parenting plan, support order or proper visitation schedule. Mom never once made an abuse complaint to DCF, just part of the scam. Best to lie to the court, intentional false claim to DCF is a crime. The frivolous litigation has even included Francelia’s pleading to the court that playing little league baseball is bad for the kid, who should be kept locked in his room with video games and no access to friends.

On a more technical note for the legal aficionados, Misty was informed before the hearing that the ex-parte papers and the Nastri’s order had been given to Department of Children and Families, child protective service. Mom swore that a child was being abused, which is the duty of the agency to investigate. Misty was told that DCF’s review found no cause to investigate and ‘screened out’ the allegation. Misty went forward with her claim before Judge Epstein without disclosing the DCF finding … anything for a few more billable hours. Candor towards the tribunal? Just how many rules of Professional Conduct did FreedMarcroft break for a few shekels?

Judge Robert Nastri needs to turn in his man card if he thinks Red Sox games with dad cause kids to poop their pants. Blog editors recommend a pyche eval for this deviant judge.