Summon The GAL!

What do pedophiles do when their family court child trafficking case is going to shit? SUMMON THE GAL! Here we go again, Attorney Jenn Shukla has blown the Sakon case completely out her ass. The expertise of FreedMarcroft managing partners Meghan Freed and Kristen Marcroft has left a pile of manure before Judge TAMMY Viet-Nguyen’s bench in Hartford. Today Francelia Sevin’s counsel ran the red flag of distress up the pedo flagpole, filing a motion asking for court appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the best interests of the little kid Odin Sakon and to prolong litigation which has already dragged on for over five years without conclusion.

The motion is a deception. Pedo Jenn claims that there is a dispute between the parties, there are questions about what is ‘best interest’, so a GAL is needed, for which the parents must pay. See the jewish logic? A meritless and frivolous motion designed to get a jewish pedophile attorney appointed to make ‘recommendations’ to traffic the kid, while bleeding the family bank even more. Such a jewish scam!

Let’s look at who is on the approved GAL list for Hartford to do the pedo’s bidding. The evil Margaret Bozek is on the top of the trafficking list, but she was previously kicked off this case as she was not a certified GAL. The worthless Caryl Balskus, a bottom feeding lawyer with a worthless UCONN law degree, operating out of Vernon. The evil Sue Cousineau is already on the case, representing the jewish Dr. Linda Smith, PhD, who is being sued by dad for commercial fraud. Kim Duell could do the dirty deed, but the family is so broke, reduced rates apply, which a lecherous cunt like Duell will not touch. The klepto Rhonda Morra can do the trick, she is known for practicing family law for 20 years, never doing anything but GAL work, appointed by doting judges who enjoyed her generous, tax-free kickbacks from the lucrative appointments. Immunity is a wonderful thing for GALs. Infamous Justine Rakich-Kelly of the Child Trafficking Law Center is always game for child molestation. Then there is the politically incorrect Rosa Rebimbas who will rape any kid for a buck. Or the deadly Rich Rochlin, who represented Fotis Dulos, where he used the psyche eval to prove his client was not a MURDERER!!! What a parade of misfits to represent the best interests of a kid while bleeding the family bank. At this rate, there will be no money to send Odin to college, the lawyers will have stolen every penny, with jewdicial blessing.

Speaking of money, d’Blog wonders out loud, as to the source of Jenn Shukla’s lawyer feed. Her client Francelia Sevin has no income, no steady job, other than sucking the limp dick of Dennis O’Toole who strangely funds this expensive, protracted legal battle to cut dad out of Odin’s life. Is O’Toole the pedo? Will O’Toole pay for the GAL? Where does all the money come from? O’Toole or his pedo pals who want Odin’s ass? Or both?

Stay tuned, appointment of the GAL will speak volumes and reveal the dark pedo hand in this case.

Attorney Jenn Shukla calling in GAL reinforcements to traffic a kid.
A law firm for child trafficking.