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Publicity Hurts

The grand pedo psychobabblist Dr. Linda Smith is fighting for ‘absolute immunity’ to protect herself from a lawsuit for violating commercial terms of a professional services contract for the ‘custody evaluation’ on little Odin Sakon. Smith’s lawyer is Cara Joyce of the firm MorrisonMahoney representing the insurance company who foolishly underwrites Smith’s quackery. Attorney Joyce has a hearing on 15 November before Judge Susan Cobb to reargue that Smith cannot be sued for violating her commercial contract terms in the Sakon case, as Smith is a family court whore who must have ‘absolute immunity’ for the sole reason that jewish psychologists require bulletproof immunity, or else no charlatan would ever participate in family court. [Hold that thought!]

The quacksters and the insurance companies claim that without immunity to protect misconduct, then no one will participate in trafficking kids in family court. [Read that again, slowly]. Joyce claims lack of immunity “would only further chill any reputable psychologist [jew] from participating in this crucial function”. The now-famous blog interprets such claim to mean lack of immunity for jews would mean there would be no jews willing to risk litigation for the shekels obtained in family court. In the case of Sakon v Smith, the good doctor incurs greater legal fees in dad’s tort claim than paid fees for the bullshit ‘custody evaluation’ on Odin. Without immunity, the quackster’s risk/reward ratio makes family court participation uneconomical.

The now-famous blog’s resident analytical economics professor identifies an overlooked market aspect to the jewish psychobabble professionals of family court. Even if the crooked jewish court protects a whore such as Dr. Smith or Dr. Caverly or Dr. Gruen or Dr. Horowitz with immunity from suit for overcharging or delayed delivery or sheer incompetence, the marketplace can inflict swift and severe punishment. Stepping into family court to make baseless opinions brings the spotlight of public scrutiny. Instead of suing the quacksters, public expression of disgust will put them out of business entirely. A billboard or three along I95, I84, I91, with the names and pictures of Smith/Caverly/Gruen et al, warning the public of child predators? Mass mailings to parents of elementary/high school students warning of child predators? Letters of complaint to insurance companies documenting the fraud of ‘evaluations’? Letters to the General Assembly exposing the lack of standards/due process/equal protection by the jew judges who appoint the charlatans? Hundreds of complaint letters to the State Department of Public Health and Licensing Board for unethical conduct under state regulations? Or even just simple blog posts reciting the lack of methodology available to make any opinion on child custody under the guise of science, as published by R.E. Emery?

The now-famous blog observes that jew Judge Adelman issued a GAG order against BLOGGERS to protect jewish pets Dr. Jessica Caverly, Dr. Deborah Gruen, Dr. Paul El-Fishway, Dr. William Horn, and Dr. Robert Horowitz. Blogs have the ability to chase away jewish psychobabblists from victimizing children of family court, imagine what a few billboards could do to further soil reputations and reduce the patient lists of these clowns? What if all jewish quacksters run away, rather than risk their practices, licenses, and professional reputations for a few shekels earned for trafficking kids in the jewish family court? A good thing?

Immunity may be less important than Attorney Joyce and her insurance client believe. Public expression holds the power to put the vendors out of business completely.

Adelman thinks he can protect jewish psychobabblists from public opinion with a piece of paper?
The power of advertising!