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Manchester Thug

Another blog shout out to the donut whores of the thin blue line, those paedophile protecting thugs, with badges, guns, and very fucked up attitudes. Meet Sergeant Daniel Doyon of the Manchester Police Department, an expert in the criminal justice system with 14 years of experience in writing parking tickets, patrolling handicapped spots, apprehending shoplifters, and protecting the paedophiles. Do not mistake SGT Doyon for a sworn law enforcement officer, he is a player for the ring.

Meet Francella Sevin, a cunt of paedophile proportions who traffics her son Odin for her live in boyfriend and his paedo ring pals in Manchester. Francella enjoys the attention she gets for having a useful play toy for Connecticut’s deviant males. She is so full of herself that she ignores the family court order for Odin’s visitation with dad. Always a red flag when mom sleeps with a paedo who funds litigation to cut dad out of the picture; women can be paedophiles too. Francella routinely denies father’s court ordered parenting time with the kid. Francella does not care about court orders, she is paedo protected. Dad gets tired of mom’s constant withholding of the kid and makes a criminal complaint of custodial interference to the thin blue line of Manchester Police.

First crack at the case is handled by dumb female rookie, who quickly responds to the complainant that there is no probable cause. No investigation, no follow up with the evil mother, just a quick denial of the complaint citing no probable cause. Mom is isolating the kid from dad in violation of a court order, but there is no probable cause of interference. Smell a rat? Or smell a paedo? The thin blue rookie is pushed to explain herself, which results in the immediate involvement of seasoned paedo protector SGT Daniel Doyon, who goes into great legal argle bargle about criminal and civil matters. WTF? Custodial interference is in the penal code, how does a clown like Doyon make up a story about a criminal matter being a civil matter? What did they teach this guy at the Police Academy? Knuckle dragging, donut whore now has super power to move criminal statutes to civil court, because he called his personal lawyer to get an opinion of what is professional police work? d’Blog cannot make this shit up.

SGT Doyon expends two weeks giving dad the run-around, maybe it is criminal, maybe it is civil, maybe Doyon is using the kid too, Doyon’s own lawyer tells him it is complicated, then Doyon wants to see the divorce file from three years ago, as it is complicated. Doyon won’t go down to the courthouse as part of his professional police investigation, he just throws up smoke to protect mom’s live in paedo boyfriend. Doyon concludes his two weeks of investigative police work by refusing to take the criminal complaint of custodial interference, ‘cuz that is how paedo’s roll.

Problem for Chief William Darby is that he has lost control of the Department to the whims of paedo officers such as Doyon where the rule of law is suspended. If the thin blue thugs won’t follow the law, won’t uphold court orders, won’t protect children, only work to protect the paedophiles, what good are clowns with guns and attitudes for the people of Manchester?

Chief Darby has some serious explaining to do.

Manchester Police, protecting paedophiles, fucking the community since 1896.
Scott Shanley, Manchester Town Manager, pays cops to protect paedos and harm children.