7 Hours?

Seven hours a week is all the time a dad gets to spend with his son by order of the jews of Connecticut Family Court. Time to spotlight the bitches in black robes at the Hartford Family Courthouse, under the rule of man-hater, Presiding Judge Susan A. Connors, a dyke of paedophile proportions, who dwells in the bowels of the court system to fuck over goy families for her deviant psychotic pleasure. Oi vey, the family court judge club belongs in a mental hospital under heavy doses of psychotropic medication.

Another paedo case sits on the docket in public view. The involvement of the dyke law firm of FreedMarcroft, the appointment of known child trafficker Margaret Bozek as GAL for a little boy, and the infamous paedo herself, Dr. Linda Smith, PhD, the ultimate trifecta of legal representation to allow the state paedophile ring to pound little boy ass. Dyke paedo Attorney Sue Cousineau is even in the fray. Judge Connors entire legal career has been in jew law firms. Schatz & Schatz, Ribicoff & Kotkin, Krevolin & Roth, a kike fest for plunder and loot. Her unhealthy attraction to family matters betrays her paedophile tendencies. A product of a broken home, white trash upbringing, combined with worthless law degree from UCONN, Connors is the perfect paedo protector to sit on the family bench. Connors ignores all the pesky statutes set down by the legislature to define court conduct in a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce. It is how paedos roll!

The now famous blog examines the visitation schedule issued for little Odin, so he can have ‘active and consistent’ involvement with his father, who shares joint custody with the bitch of a mother, who enjoys using the kid as a weapon of pointless litigation, funded by her paedo boyfriend. Oi vey, what efforts jews expend to fuck up a Christian family. The cunts of Hartford family court conspire to restrict Odin’s time with dad to a mere seven hours a week spread over three different days. Poor kid can’t even spend a night at dad’s house. This vindictive court order, fashioned by the dykes in black robes exemplifies the jewish-talmudic rule of the Connecticut courts. The dykes relish in keeping a father from his son. The order serves to induce trauma in a kid, restricting his time with father is part of the court brainwashing to teach the kid dad is bad and mom’s live in paedo boyfriend is just helping him wash in the shower. The judges masturbate to the destruction of parent-child bonds. Judge Connors is so delighted that another family is destroyed, a child abused, paedo conquest of little boy ass, that she goes down on her fellow dyke, Judge Tammy Nguyen, another man hating paedophile of such mental defect that she relishes tearing families apart from the bench. A true miscreant of humanity. Her willful disregard for the statutes of a sovereign people betray her seditious conduct, her demonic possession, begging for drowning in Holy Water or a simple .50 cal to the head, in exorcism of the evil inside her.

A free and sovereign people have no cause to let the filth of Connors and Nguyen undermine the rule of law, while pandering to the paedophiles of the state who need little boy ass to support their deviant cults and perverted behaviours. If Connors and Nguyen are found dead, dumped in a roadside ditch with Chapter 25 of the Practice Book shoved down their throats, fathers will cheer. The world will be a better place.

What does it take to make judges follow the law?