The jewish psychobabblists of Connecticut family court are in a PANIC! Dr. Linda Smith, PhD is facing a lawsuit for breach of contract in that she cannot adhere to agreed terms of cost and schedule. Read complaint here. Dr. Smith lost her argument before Judge Susan Cobb that her self-described ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY protected her from suits in breach of contract. Judge Cobb ruled no absolute immunity, as Smith was contracted by the parties and not directly appointed by the court. PANIC has gripped the pschobabblist where Attorney Cara Joyce of Morrison Mahoney LLP blithers forth a motion to reargue claiming that Judge Cobb is all fucked up!

The monsters of family court, needing the protection of ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY stumbled into trouble when Dr. Smith PhD fucked up so bad in her arrogant role as pedo servant and child trafficker that she ignored the cost and schedule requirements of her contract for service. Judge Cobb exposed the differences between contract terms, party stipulations, court appointments, and the application of immunity for opinions. Oooops! PANIC is dripping from Attorney Joyce’s pleading to Judge Cobb, who does not understand that the pedos need immunity to traffic children and that she better change her decision pronto, as Cobb does not have a clue of how the evil powers of family court work to the advantage of pedophiles, in protection of revenue produced by their child victims. Judge Cobb exposed the family court scam and it is now Attorney Joyce’s job to fix the errant judge. The pedos are mad, don’t be surprised if the brakes on the judge’s new car suddenly fail. Pedos do not take kindly to outsiders upsetting the finely tuned racket of family court.

The now-famous blog’s over educated legal department picks apart Joyce’s pathetic attempt show Judge Cobb how she got it wrong by focusing on the breach of private contract. Joyce starts out stating the judge is wrong to rule that a private contract is different than a court-appointment, which comes with immunity for working for the court instead of the litigants. Judge Cobb ‘misunderstands’ how family court works. Attorney Joyce whips the judge further, claiming that Cobb can’t read case law, makes improper interpretations, does not understand litigation privilege, that Cobb is stupid, and therefore must ‘re argue’ what was already argued to get Cobb to recognize that ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY applies even to parking tickets of jewish psychobabblists who illegally park on Washington Street while testifying in family court.

Attorney Joyce’s first point is to rub Judge Cobb’s nose in the fact that the private contract does not change the FACT that Dr. Smith was ‘court-appointed’. The judge is factually incorrect, Attorney Joyce is correct. Or: Joyce is right, Judge is wrong. Joyce ‘respectfully requests’ Judge Cobb to rip up her order and issue the one that the pedos need to keep the family racket running. Attorney Joyce makes claim that a family court order by Olear is the ‘appointment’ but fails to address why the private contract pre-dates the order. Joyce is writing like a panicked chicken, already run over while crossing the road, where she repeats that Judge Cobb made a ‘factual misunderstanding’. Then again the ‘factual misunderstanding is further elucidated’ by telling Cobb what Judge Adelman said. Joyce is telling Cobb to listen to Adelman or the wrath of the Dark Lord will befall her for failing to protect the pedo pets upon whose opinions childhoods are raped. A true threat!

Attorney Joyce has another panic attack, exclaiming that Dr. Smith’s role is ‘unquestionably integral’ to trafficking little Odin, as who else would limit father-son visitation to only one hour a week, and have him shower with Dennis O’Toole? Such opinions only come from jew pedophiles like Dr. Smith. Attorney Joyce goes full-on pedo claiming that Smith is the ‘custody evaluator’, but does not mention there is no legal definition of the term, nor is there court approved procedures (due process) which establishes standards to evaluate custody. The profession of psychology even denies the ability to render professional opinions on custody, based on known tools of psychobabble. Joyce fails to disclose that there is no such animal as a ‘custody evaluation’. Next Joyce spills the pedo beans.

On the 11th page of Joyce’s panic pleading, she reveals the true scam afoot. If ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY is not provided to Dr. Smith for her breach of contract terms, then it will ‘only further chill any reputable psychologist from participating in crucial function of child trafficking, without IMMUNITY a charlatan like Smith would never agree to serve as an evaluator in family court’. Duh! Joyce clearly spells out the true threat to Judge Cobb: find that ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY protects the pedo players, even for terms of cost and schedule, or the family court will cease to function, there will be no one to rape childhoods, which is incongruous to the racket of family court.

The jews of family court are most upset with Judge Susan Cobb for finding that Dr. Smith must stand trial for violating terms of her own professional services contract. The jews demand protection for their pets, even in failure to deliver on a signed contract, that protection being ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY for running over your dog while drunk … jews are chosen, you are not, and neither is Judge Cobb, who will likely be run over along with her dog by an immune jew doing the dirty work of the state pedo ring. Cobb has been duly threatened by Attorney Cara Joyce and her masters.

Blog legal advice: Never sign a contract with a jew in Connecticut Family Court.

Attorney Joyce goes for a prohibited second bite of the apple disguised as ‘reconsideration’ pleading in a panic claim for immunity for jewish psychobabblists selling snake oil in family court. Pedos are scared.