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Jewdicial Conduct

The inbred, retarded, miscreants in black robes demonstrate to the people of Connecticut that there is no jurisprudence in the nutmeg court system. This time it is the certified paedophile Leo Diana of Hartford Family Court proclaiming the insanity of what is supposed to be the rule of law in defense of criminal conduct by sidekick asian rice farmer Tammy Nguyen.

Now-famous worst Blog examines the contrast in the equal protection of the jewish courts of the Connecticut cesspool run by the big dumb nigger in need of a rope necktie. On one jew hand, Judge Thomas Moukawsher disbars a zealous goy advocate for words he does not like, on the other Judge Leo Diana protects a Vietnamese communist in criminal conduct of attempted murder in a court room. Only a jewish conspiracy will claim this is the rule of law in the people’s court under a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. In reality, it is a jewish cesspool, drowning the goy in their own miserable mis-trust of jewish authority. Zyklon B holds a constitutional necessity in modern society.

Tammy the retard tried to induce a heart attack on little Odin Sakon’s dad in her court room in Hartford family at 90 Washington St. Tammy the evil presides over the longest custody dispute in the history of jewdicial discretion. Sakon v Sakon is now in its 69th month of litigation with no final custody ruling of a ten year old kid, who only knows life as a victim of litigation, the best interest of the jew court, and lawyer feed. Odin’s dad is an old fart, a qualified individual under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II, a federal law with which the jews of the jewdiciary must comply. Old age, circulatory problems, medications, limit dad’s ability to argue with Tammy the retard for ten hours a day in a pointless trial on mother’s frivolous claim of sole custody of Odin. Dad is granted trial restriction of half-day sessions by Judge Diana; ADA accommodation for frail health. Tammy says no!!! Demands daddy spend all day arguing with Tammy, to induce a paternal heart attack. Dad calls bullshit, walks out of court, Tammy retaliates, denies all motions, ends trial, goes berserk, not realizing the federal violation at hand, cuz Tammy just one dumb cunt who belongs in a rice paddy in Vietnam, not a court in an enlightened society.

The obvious contrast is that paedophile queer Judge Leo Diana, the presiding judge of the court, upholds Tammy’s federal civil rights violation. Judge Diana holds duty under Canon, Code of Judicial Conduct to deal with Tammy’s federal violation, but he turns a blind eye, just like the good jew puppet he is. No law, no standards, fuck over the goy at will, fuck federal law, and hope Odin’s daddy has a court-induced heart attack … that is how jews work. Not funny. One end of the spectrum Moukawsher is jailing lawyers for zealous advocacy and at the other Tammy! is trying to cause a heart attack. Either way, the goy are fucked. The court of Connecticut needs to be burned to the ground, along with its rogue judges who don’t realize the sniper sights dialed in on their foreheads.

Pretty safe to say that a free people have cause to dispatch judges like Tammy! and Moukawsher. Night scopes, whisper rounds, steady trigger pulls have a way of protecting the Constitution from all who threaten it. No Patriot will shed a tear when the tide washes traitorous corpses into the Sound, crustaceans gorge on traitorous flesh unworthy of a black robe, the enemies of liberty will recycle themselves to fertilizer for seaweed, a natural cycle.

Blog will not even attempt to explain the drivel penned by Diana,J with respect to addressing the domestic terrorism of Tammy! The more interested reader can try reading it here, but all it sez is that Tammy! broke the law and Diana,J ain’t gonna do a thing about it. How jews roll.


Even comes in black!
Night scopes, marvels of modern constitutional protection.
Constitutional protection by a free people.
Defense of rights.