Recovering Queen

The now famous blog introduces Attorney Misty Simmons, billed as the ‘RECOVERING QUEEN’ by the dykish firm of FreedMarcroft. Misty has taken over the Sakon case after the departure of blog favorite Attorney Jenn Shukla. Misty promises to be bloglicious as her childhood was even more fucked up than Jenn’s. Misty’s ingrained father hatred is rooted in her defective upbringing by her single mom, unwanted pregnancies, in a household headed by grandma. A worthless law degree from Quinnipiac secured her existence at the bottom of the legal food chain in family court. She claims great holiness in working with families in conflict and loves the cash from pitting mothers against fathers while tossing kids in the fray for extra emotion.

Misty’s blog debut comes on an ex parte motion to use little Odin Sakon as a weapon of litigation for her nutjob client Francelia Sevin. Misty coached crazy mom into writing a fabricated affidavit, where Francelia swears under oath that Odin is so scared of dad that he ‘pooped his pants’. Believe that shit? An attorney, subject to the rules of professional conduct, occupying that special place in society to ensure the quality of justice, conspires with momma nutjub to commit perjury about defecation. Blog does not make this shit up. Read mom’s sworn poop affidavit here. The whacknut duo of Misty and mom further complain that the kid stayed out late one night because evil dad took him to a Red Sox game! Oh the harm and abuse of a kid sitting behind the dugout with dad watching a pro game, then being forced to accept an autographed ball!!! Child abuse! Forced to eat hot dogs, crackerjacks, then having to wear an official ball cap as a souvenir of a day out with dad. The jew judges of Hartford family court will not stand for that!!! Judge Robert Nastri stripped dad of custody and suspended visitation as dad and the Red Sox are a danger to little Odin. Specifically, Judge Nastri believes the poop and immediately ruled ex-parte that there is immediate and present risk of physical danger, psychological harm to Odin for hanging with his dad and that Odin is now barred from leaving the state to watch the Red Sox, by order of the court. Oi vey, what have the jews done to childhood, now baseball is being outlawed by family court.

What form of jewish law entertains a complaint about baseball? Pedos?

The Sakon case has dragged on for over five years, more than 700 docket entries, and no end in sight. Little Odin’s childhood has been destroyed by jew judges who cannot issue a proper child support order, cannot create a parenting plan nor issue proper visitation schedule, which are all duties of the court, set down in statute. Judges Simon, Bozzuoto, Shah, Miller, Prestely, Olear, Adelman, Klatt, Suarez, Connors, Diana, Carrasquilla, Murphy, Nguyen and now Nastri have all acted in this case to destroy a childhood while the incompetent firm of FreedMarcroft rakes in excessive legal fees, laughing all the way to the bank. Misty is the fourth lawyer from FreedMarcroft to represent nutjob Francelia Sevin in her demented desire to destroy her own son.

Misty Simmons, father hating sister of the smelly tampon society, fourth attorney to represent Francelia Sevin in quest to fuck up a kid.
Judge Robert Nastri of Hartford Family Court rules a child is in danger for attending RedSox game in Boston.
Judge Robert Nastri, not a baseball fan. RedSox are bad!!
Child victim at Fenway with dad. FreedMarcroft claims baseball is abuse.