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ADA Showdown

Judge Leo Diana, presiding jewdicial authority of Hartford family court has stepped in a pile of shit! He has set a hearing for a civil rights challenge to jewdicial discretion of the rabbinical court. Bring popcorn! The fun starts next Thursday, 10am, 4 May at 90 Washington. The ignorant jewdicial authority will hear how isolation of little Odin Sakon from dad for eleven months is a federal civil rights violation. Holy shit! The nutmeg jewdiciary is going to come face to face with the Bill of Rights!

Blog legal department notes that the rabbinical court is cornered, trapped in its own delusional belief that ‘best interests’ void constitutional protections, the cesspool of jewish ideology must vacate Tammy’s illegal visitation orders or face an immediate federal suit under ADA Title II. Bring popcorn; Connecticut jewdiciary is fucked! The right for Odin to play catch with his dad is protected under the substantive due process clause of the Fifth Amendment, where government interference must be done under ‘strict scrutiny’, baseball being a fundamental liberty interest; a point ignored by jews of family court. Tammy ruled dad has a mental disability requiring court ordered treatment, as a condition to play catch with Odin, a violation of Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II, discriminatory conduct by Connecticut against a disabled person. Judge Leo Diana is so stupid, he has no idea how fucked he is. The hearing is pointless, as Tammy’s visitation orders violate federal law, if Diana does not take immediate action to remedy the violation, then he becomes a defendant in a federal civil rights suit, just like Tammy is now. This is good shit! Will Diana be another judge dragged to federal court for incompetent discretionary rulings of constitutional violation? Bring popcorn!

In reality, if there was a brain atop any black robe in family court, Tammy’s denial of visitation would be sua sponte vacated, replaced by a simple visitation schedule, with provisions for extended trips to Fenway. But true to form, the jewdicial cesspool needs a hearing on its own burden to comply with federal law, proving again family court is a danger to society, a danger to itself, begging .50cal objections to its rape of childhood. How much ammo does it take to protect children from the jewish monsters of family court? Will flash bangs of the Second Amendment remind Diana of his duty under federal law? Shall the flames of liberty consume the wretched courthouse and all its tyrannical occupants? Does Diana incite violence against a court of childhood rape? What does it take to uphold federal law in Connecticut?

Editor’s Note: Judge Diana had all evidence of federal violation before him in last Friday’s hearing, but failed to execute his judicial function to comply, he scheduled the matter for a full hearing on law that he is paid to know and uphold.

Gaggle of state clowns who cannot uphold federal civil rights protections for Odin to play catch with dad … jewish deviancy woven into Connecticut family court.

Play ball!