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Tammy Meltdown!

The now-famous Blog notes that the misplaced southeast Asian rice paddy peasant, Judge of the Connecticut Superior Court, Tammy Nguyen-O’Dowd has had her moment of meltdown, demonstrating her inability to be a judge.

Tammy’s black robe obscures the fact that she does not have a brain, that she is not an American, does not understand the founding principles of the country, holds no respect for the Constitution, acts like a viet-cong guerrilla fighter with a vendetta against the land of the free and the home of the brave, who is also off her medications. Tammy’s altered perception of reality impairs her judgement by ignoring the court order issued by Judge Leo Diana, providing an ADA accommodation to an old fart litigant with heart problems that the fabricated custody fight be limited to half-day court sessions. Judge Diana’s order is here. Simple, straight forward, don’t want the old fart to drop dead in the court room due to Tammy induced stress of purposeless, vexatious litigation. The mismanagement of a divorce trial that has been before the court for 2010 days (66 months) with no final custody/visitation order is pretty fucking insane, even for the jewish Connecticut courts.

Tammy hates the pro se father in this matter. Tammy knows that FreedMarcroft is raking in the big bucks from a third party funding tramp mother in protracted litigation. A mother on food stamps does not spend $400k on a custody fight. Tammy knows this, everybody knows this. Francelia Sakon is a front for sinister use of little boy Odin Sakon. Childhoods are raped in family court, Tammy is facilitating the rape. In name of judicial efficiency, Tammy orders that there will be full day trials in defiance of Judge Diana’s order. Tammy cannot vacate the order specifying half-day sessions, she just ignores it, for she is Tammy the Stupid. The defendant-father calls bullshit, waives Diana’s order at Tammy d’Gook, notifying the errant judge that the day is over at 1pm and he will not return. Tammy will not tolerate such rule of law in her court! She instantly retaliates against a qualified person exercising protections under the Americans with Disability Act, which even applies to paddy peasants in black robes sitting on a bench with attitude. But Tammy is too stupid to realize the federal violation she commits with her illegal order:

The defendant did not return for trial after the lunch recess at 2 pm. The defendant’s case is concluded. He has failed to present his testimony and evidence as set forth in the court’s scheduling order.

All of the defendant’s pending motions for contempt before this court are DENIED with prejudice for failure to prosecute. The defendant’s pending motions to disqualify are DENIED with prejudice for failure to prosecute.

Judge Tammy Nguyen-O’Dowd

Tammy directly violates federal law 28 CFR 35.134(b) by retaliating against a protected person. The Blog is amazed to see how arrogantly and publicly a judge of the Superior Court trashes the civil rights of a citizen. Nigger Boy Robinson can only applaud his light skinned fellow terrorist, Free At Last! federal law does not apply to the state jewdiciary!!

The federal law that does not apply to nigger jewidical branch is: No public entity (court) shall coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any individual (litigant) in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his or her having exercised or enjoyed, any right granted or protected by the Act or this part.

Pretty simple shit. Tammy cannot interfere with the accommodation provided the father, nor can she then punish the individual for exercising that right. Tammy done fucked up big time, putting the state and its sovereign people on the hook for liability in deprivation of civil rights.

Tammy so fucking stupid.