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Judge Sharon LoVallo


    Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rules anti-semitic speech is constitutionally protected. Today’s ruling in Gerber v. Herskovitz recognized the free expression in a public place to criticize jewish deviancy. Welcome to ‘murika, the goy hold a protected right to hate da jews and the jews have no claim for relief in federal court. Hate the politics of jews, hate the political power of jews, hate U.S. funding of a jewish state, hate the holohoax, hate what jews do to Palestinians, hate jewish rape of children, hate that jews have nuclear weapons, hate chosen jews, hate how jews control family court, then express yourself! It is a First Amendment right. Jews… Read More »Newsflash

    Ballot or Bullet?

      It is that season again! To be or not to be? To traffic kids or eliminate the pedos? The blog famous pedo judge of Family Court in Buffalo is up for re-election. The very jewish and very pedo protective Sharon M. LoVallo thinks that she should be put back on the bench by the gentiles of Erie County. Oi vey!! Does she get a ballot or a bullet? Her pedo pals are running around local neighborhoods asking unsuspecting democrats to sign her petition to be put on the ballot in June. But there are other non-pedophile folks who prefer she get a .50 cal the head, rather than to sit… Read More »Ballot or Bullet?

      Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

        Time to spotlight another jewish tool of the corrupt family court of Erie County, NY.  The famous case involving the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute takes another turn to the dark side. It is not enough that NYS Department of Social Services/Child Protection seized the sexually abuse Sophia Couloute and placed her in foster care for protection.  It is not enough that Buffalo Children’s Hospital determined Sophia is a victim of sexual abuse at the diseased appendage of Couloute.  The jew Judge Sharon LoVallo spits in the face of the state and orders Dr. Frank P. Alabiso, Ph.D. into the picture to further obscure the matter. Dr. Alabiso practices with a… Read More »Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

        A Jew Judge Question

          Why are child custody evaluations ordered by judges with regularity when there is no scientific evidence or accepted protocol to validate the study? Let’s put this question directly to the jew judges of family court.  The scientific community holds standards and methods for studies, none exist for the court appointed evaluator.  There is no case law in the country that defines standards and methodology for a custody evaluation.  So how can the court order something that does not exist? Here come the jews.  Psychology is junk science.  Opinions, biases, prejudices all rolled into the meaningless term ‘psychology’.  The jews invented this tool of social engineering in their promotion of Sigmund… Read More »A Jew Judge Question

          AFC: Kelly Ball

            Time to turn the public spotlight on the malpractice and misconduct of a New York State, court appointed, attorney for the child, Kelly Lynn Ball of Buffalo.  A miscreant of a human, a penchant for sexual deviancy involving children, this mental retard partied through Michigan State until running out of beer money in 1990.  After failing at waiting tables in the seedy section of Allentown, she went to SUNY Buffalo Law School, which provides most of the incompetent legal stock for the Buffalo area.  There is just not a huge demand for dummies from a bottom tier law school.  Our nutjob Attorney Ball started out with the massive legal powerhouse… Read More »AFC: Kelly Ball

            Who is protecting Matthew Couloute?

              Public scrutiny of the shenanigans of Family Court turns up unexplainable oddities that only confirm the suspicion that judges are on the take and controlled by powers of evil lurking in the shadows of society.  Child endangerment. Let’s take the strangeness which surrounds Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr.  A strange black man with two kids from two different white women.  He appears before the less than Honorable Sybil Richards of Connecticut Superior Court for a matter of child support brought by mother of his son Xavier.  Pretty simple process, fill out forms, declare income, perform some simple mathematics on a ‘worksheet’ and presto, the child support order is done.  But not… Read More »Who is protecting Matthew Couloute?

              Cuomo Child Trafficker

                The New York pedophile machine is running smoothly, a seamless state agency that ensures little five year old girls are passed across state lines for sexual exploitation, under the watchful eye of the chief state child trafficker Governor Andrew Cuomo. The State Agency known as Office of Children and Family Services is a front to move children for the perverted pleasures of the pedo friends of Andy Cuomo.  This state agency made a finding that one little Sophia Couloute, is a victim of sexual abuse at the appendage of her father, Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. of Cumming, Georgia.  The Empire state has classified this child as a victim of sexual… Read More »Cuomo Child Trafficker

                Punishment By Child

                  The U.S. Constitution is designed to check the limits of government powers.  The Eighth Amendment prohibits inflicting ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.  Jewdicial monster Sharon LoVallo in Erie County Family Court thinks she has the power to inflict punishment on a mother by taking her child away. Yep, you read that right.  Our jewish lady of Talmud, Judge Sharon LoVallo has made threats from the bench that she will strip a child from a parent as a form of court punishment.  A judge in a court under the state constitution formed by the federal Constitution is using federal and state funds to violate the Eighth Amendment with malice. Shall we stop… Read More »Punishment By Child

                  First Amendment Showdown

                    High noon, comes the family court showdown with the First Amendment.  Erie County court judge calls out the First Amendment for a shoot out of rights vs. tyranny.  The pedo protectors of the corrupt family court system are going to take on the Constitution and its First pesky amendment to show the peasants that they are powerless against the tyrants in black robes.  Shut up, get in the boxcar!! Our batshit ‘cray cray’ nutcase of a judge, Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court of the New York Unified ISIS Sleeper Cell, has threatened to take a child away from a parent for the existence of this famous blog.  Yes,… Read More »First Amendment Showdown

                    Cray Cray

                      Ever like to be a bug on the wall in Judge Sharon LoVallo’s chambers in Erie County Family Court?  See the inner workings of the most corrupt court in the county?  Watch her converse in private, showing her true colors and betraying the duty of her office?  Our totally batshit crazy excuse of a judge talks like a teenager in the girls bathroom at high school, while promoting hate cliques and smoking cigarettes between classes. This lady’s brain is stuck in high school.  Stuck up Jewish American Princess, looking down her nose at the Christian peasantry.  Her chosen beliefs giving her all the justification of self declared supremacy.  Her teenage… Read More »Cray Cray