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AFC: Kelly Ball

Time to turn the public spotlight on the malpractice and misconduct of a New York State, court appointed, attorney for the child, Kelly Lynn Ball of Buffalo.  A miscreant of a human, a penchant for sexual deviancy involving children, this mental retard partied through Michigan State until running out of beer money in 1990.  After failing at waiting tables in the seedy section of Allentown, she went to SUNY Buffalo Law School, which provides most of the incompetent legal stock for the Buffalo area.  There is just not a huge demand for dummies from a bottom tier law school.  Our nutjob Attorney Ball started out with the massive legal powerhouse firm of Harrington&Mahoney, where it was quickly decided that three was a crowd and she was shown the door.

Being in private practice as the one and only, one lawyer at the firm of Kelly L. Ball, PLLC, she still struggles in getting along with the senior partner.  She can’t even stand herself.  But the pedo traffickers of Buffalo have use for her in getting children separated from loving mothers and extended family.  Kelly Ball is owned by the pedos, compensated by child predators and is an insider to the infamous jew judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court.  Attorney Ball is appointed by the court to be the Attorney for the Child of the nefarious Matthew Condel Couloute.  As drama and intrigue follows Couloute, there is great public interest in the attorney representing his sexually abused daughter, Sophia.

In close examination, the public sees that Kelly Ball has failed to ensure that the State of New York has protected her with a proper child support order.  The public is aware that Couloute has not filed the proper financial disclosures.  Routine behavior for Couloute who evades federal taxes, hides income, tells the court he has a job, but cannot produce any documentation, not even a W2 or 1099.  The amazing Couloute, complimented by the more amazing Kelly Ball make a pedo team from hell to traffic a five year old little girl.

Remember back to September 2015, the hearing in Connecticut Family Court before the famous pedo Judge Anna M. Ficeto.  Couloute was represented by the grand dame of Connecticut Pedo Utopia, retired Judge Annie Drainginis, a partner at RomeMcGuigan, where Couloute’s pedo pal and Baby Dragon Game swinging dick Ryan McGuigan worked for elder McGuigan.  Annie gave a wink and a nod to Ficeto, then threatened every witness to Sophia’s sexual abuse with a massive lawsuits to ensure silence.  Next, Annie whispered in the ear of mother’s counsel to forgettaboutit or mom would lose her daughter with a stroke of Ficeto’s pen.   Such is how Couloute covers his tracks.

Now the same game is before Judge Sharon LoVallo in Erie County Family Court, where Kelly Ball is acting as the pedo muscle to keep the sex toy revenue generator outside of mother’s care.  Ball has ignored the lack of medical insurance on her client, filed nothing to obtain a support order, but has an absolute hair for the public scrutiny of Couloute’s activities.  Ball is totally enamoured with this now famous blog.  She runs her mouth all over Buffalo about Sophia Couloute, then wonders how the world knows what is going on in the courtroom.  The lady is just a bit clueless.  She goes to Sophia’s pre-school unannounced to interview her client and she thinks the village does not notice?  Ball scares the school teachers, but she thinks no one talks about what she is doing?  DSS directed that the sexually abused kid be examined by Buffalo Children’s Hospital, but Ball thinks no one noticed?  Judge LoVallo orders that the kid cannot be taken to a doctor?  Red flags everywhere.

NY Department of Social Services has documented that Couloute beat the mother and the child, broke bones of the mother, has untreated mental problems, sexually abused his daughter.  NY State does not want the kid living with the abuser, but Ball just ignores it all, always pushing to take the kid away from mom.  Go figure, what is Ball’s end game?  How much is she being paid under the table? Is Ball totally unaware that the public sees her game?

Recently Georgia Child Protective Services arrived at Couloute’s home in Cumming to check on Ball’s client who has no child support order, no medical insurance, is constantly sick with infections, owes more than $10k in previously unpaid child support, gets dosed with yucky tasting medicine, but Ball thinks no one in Cumming noticed that either.  Perhaps Ball thinks that no one is on to her game of legal malpractice and misconduct.  The AFC is required to zealously advocate Sophia’s desire to live with her mom and dog in Buffalo, near loving grandparents, in a clean house, where she does not get sick or have to take yucky tasting medicine before bed.  Strangely, Ball does not tell this to the court.  Paid by the State of New York to do a job specified by NYSBA Standards , but fails to execute the duties.  Pockets the state money, throws her little client under the bus, tells everyone in the lawyer lounge how much she hates the mother, files nothing in court, but works to skillfully place the sex toy out of state.  Ball is slick, but not smart.

Attorney Kelly Ball is in the spotlight, her game is known.  She is guilty of malpractice, misconduct and child endangerment.  She is exposed, public fraud.

Judge Sharon LoVallo, trafficks Sophia Couloute.

Erie County Family Court, tossing Sophia Couloute under the pedo bus.

Matthew Couloute Mug Shot Arrested for wife beating

Attorney Kelly Ball, AFC for Sophia Couloute.