Cray Cray

Ever like to be a bug on the wall in Judge Sharon LoVallo’s chambers in Erie County Family Court?  See the inner workings of the most corrupt court in the county?  Watch her converse in private, showing her true colors and betraying the duty of her office?  Our totally batshit crazy excuse of a judge talks like a teenager in the girls bathroom at high school, while promoting hate cliques and smoking cigarettes between classes.

This lady’s brain is stuck in high school.  Stuck up Jewish American Princess, looking down her nose at the Christian peasantry.  Her chosen beliefs giving her all the justification of self declared supremacy.  Her teenage judicial vernacular employs the term “cray cray” to describe the mental characteristics of a mother caught up in a private hate clique.  Not rule of law, just girlish squeaks of personal degradation of others for her self medicating need to put people down for auto ego inflation.

The legal side of LoVallo’s “cray cray” descriptor of a litigant is that it is a violation of federal civil rights law being a discriminatory act on perceived disability of a person by a public entity.  LoVallo’s behavior is precisely forbidden in the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II.  As a country we do not degrade or discriminate against fellow citizens because they need a wheelchair or have a mental impairment that makes them a bit different.  Judge LoVallo does not see litigants under the law, but as toys of her personal prejudices and arrogant attitude of the chosen.

Yep, that is what goes on in chambers, the true colors of a bitch in a black robe, devoid of legal standards, ignorant of the law and a danger to society.  But don’t look for Judge Paula Feroleto to come to the aid of society to protect the rule of law, uphold equality and due process.  Paula, the Administrative Judge of the Eighth Judicial District happily condones the criminal behaviour of the jewdicial mafia and the implementation of terrorism on the poor goyim who enter the rabbinical court of Judge Sharon LoVallo.  Public funds can be manipulated to undermine the rule of law with the blessing of upper judicial management.

If you have a case before Judge LoVallo, simply file a motion to recuse the bitch for referring to a litigant as “Cray Cray”…. ’cause if she thinks you are like totally ‘cray cray’ then oh my god she might have to take your kids away, barbecue them and serve them with coleslaw at the next AFCC meeting.

LoVallo is a terrorist in a black robe, be scared, very scared.

Judge Sharon LoVallo, Family Court Judge, Erie County NY


Administrative Judge Paula Feroleto, Eighth Judicial District, NY