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Cuomo Child Trafficker

The New York pedophile machine is running smoothly, a seamless state agency that ensures little five year old girls are passed across state lines for sexual exploitation, under the watchful eye of the chief state child trafficker Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The State Agency known as Office of Children and Family Services is a front to move children for the perverted pleasures of the pedo friends of Andy Cuomo.  This state agency made a finding that one little Sophia Couloute, is a victim of sexual abuse at the appendage of her father, Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. of Cumming, Georgia.  The Empire state has classified this child as a victim of sexual abuse.  The Empire State has also verified that Matthew Couloute beat up the mother, broke her bones and made her bleed.  Mom is officially a victim of domestic violence.  Bravo to the state for identifying the obvious.

But Governor Andy Pedo Cuomo will not let such determinations interfere with the revenue generation of sharing little children with the pedo ring of Atlanta.  His trusty Director of Erie County Child Protective Services, Lisa Pyszczek ensures that nothing is done to protect this precious child, no safe haven, no legal protections, nothin’, notta, zip.  Professionals at the Children’s Hospital in Buffalo examined the child and determined she is a victim of sexual abuse.  Erie County DSS social workers have interviewed the child, making the same finding.  Ms. Amy Thunman, the case worker responsible for providing state services to protect Sophia states publicly that she can do nothing to protect the child.  Her boss Lisa Pyszczek hides in the background pulling all the strings to make sure the sex toy is delivered to her abuser.  Governor Andy Cuomo smiles happily knowing that his perverted pedo pals have another toy to share and cash moves silently among the players.

The trafficking machine runs from lowly Amy Thunman, through Elizabeth Noonan, to Lisa Pyszczek, with the doting oversight of agency lawyers like Lauren Creighton and Kelleena Richards who controls Commissioner Sheila Poole to ensure the agency does not provide protection to sexually abused little girls like Sophia.  From Buffalo to Albany, the control is absolute and the screams of children are silenced.  Even the courts ensure that the state’s evidence of child exploitation will not be heard.  Clever appointments of trusted pedo lawyers like Attorney Kelly Ball by the notorious child trafficking Judge Sharon LoVallo ensures justice will not be served and that pedophilia will be protected.

Does society ignore Gov. Cuomo and his child trafficking agency?  Does society have a duty to protect the raped children?  Does the State incite rebellion and violence by trafficking the children of We the people?  When the Governor and his judges use state and federal funds to move children across state lines for sexual exploitation, is it a crime or just the new world order of government protected pedophilia?

Sheila Poole, NY Commissioner of Pedophila.  White Niggah Bitch protects pedophiles, trafficks children across state lines with public funds.

Protect Beaten Moms

Couloute arrest mug shot

Matthew Couloute and kids

Judge Sharon LoVallo

Governor Andrew Cuomo. Approves child sexual abuse.

Child Trafficking Commissioner of NY Children and Family Serives