A Mother’s Duty

In the land of the blind the one eyed jack is king.  In family court the judges and lawyers are brain dead with no comprehension of what a court is supposed to do.  A mother has a duty to protect her child.  When Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County, New York blows a case out her ass, it is mom’s duty to suggest she leave the case.

Judge LoVallo was handed a motion to recuse herself this morning.  Seven pages detailing how this family court player fails to perform her duties.  No less than five state funded attorneys ignored the judicial misconduct over months of hearings.  Lawyers conditioned to bow to judicial dictatorship, applaud misconduct, betray oaths of office, ignore Judicial Canons and Rules of Conduct.  All a scam on the public dime.

Judge LoVallo has no concept of a court of law.  The rules require her to be faithful to the law, be competent in the law and not allow herself to be swayed by public clamor.  Instead she rants from the bench about public scrutiny of her incompetent court; a direct rule violation.  Seems she is so full of herself, rules don’t apply.  She just does whatever she wants, when she wants, how she wants and if someone thinks about objecting, she threatens them with the demise of their own kids.  Ugly nasty tyrant in a black robe using children as weapons of legal battle.

She is so un-American that she even criticizes a public blog and emails which discuss the activities in her court.  She foolishly believes that matters discussed in her courtroom are secret.  A gag order in today’s world just proves LoVallo is trying to hide something illegal.  The meaningless dicta she includes in her opinion just reinforces the fact that she is not judicial material.  She is a drama queen running a soap opera while the state pays through the nose for no results.  Public clamor over an incompetent judge is simply public clamor which does not require her approval.

A mother’s motion to recuse this judicial trash heap is on her desk.  If there is a rule of law; this is the end of the road for LoVallo.  She is simply not a judge.  See motion: LoVallo Recusal

Call this monster out for the child traffickers she really is; she is not an American.

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  1. Funny I come across this website with Lovallo’s name on it. I don’t know what to do with this “person” and the cruel things she does. Amazed that she is a judge, is in the legal system in general, even graduated high school – but yet she’s still here. She has personally hurt people around me over the past few years and I moved from that hell hole of a city (Erie) a while ago simply bc of HER. She is a lazy snake who doesnt even know how to rattle. Just pushes things SHE’S responsible for on other people and places, other states and judges. Disbar her!!!It would be the best thing for everyone in this country!!!

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