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A Jew Judge Question

Why are child custody evaluations ordered by judges with regularity when there is no scientific evidence or accepted protocol to validate the study?

Let’s put this question directly to the jew judges of family court.  The scientific community holds standards and methods for studies, none exist for the court appointed evaluator.  There is no case law in the country that defines standards and methodology for a custody evaluation.  So how can the court order something that does not exist?

Here come the jews.  Psychology is junk science.  Opinions, biases, prejudices all rolled into the meaningless term ‘psychology’.  The jews invented this tool of social engineering in their promotion of Sigmund Freud.  He was paid to opine that pedophilia was a good thing.  Psychology is a marketing tool for the deviant jewish agenda to manipulate the goyim in destruction of societal norms.

Connect the dots.  Jews form the AFCC, jews push no fault divorce, jews run the family court agenda, family court relies on jewish psychology scam to evaluate custody matters, thereby allowing the court to act on the unfounded opinions of psychology to erase parents, inflame conflict, reward lawyers, traffic kids and protect the pedophiles.  Brilliant scheme where most goy think it is rule of law.

Let’s take jew Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court in Buffalo, New York.  The case of Sophia Couloute is before the court.  Sophia has been sexually abused by dad, a matter of pedophilia.  Mother has been beaten and broken by dad, a matter of domestic violence.  The law requires the kid and mother to remain together in safe haven and perp access restricted, sole custody to mom.  That is the law of New York.(DRL 75[2])  But what does the jew judge do to circumvent the rule of law?  She appoints a ‘psychologist’ to evaluate the family.  Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.  at a cost of $5,000.00 to be paid by the parents.

Curious as to why whack nut psycho needs to be paid to ‘evaluate’ what NYS Commissioner Sheila Poole’s people have already documented.  Mother is a victim of domestic violence, broken bones to prove it, Sophia has been beaten and sexually abused by dad, dad has untreated mental problems.  Why does jew Judge LoVallo need more than what the state has already determined by professional investigation under Lisa Pyszczek of Erie County DSS?

The simple answer is that jew Judge LoVallo will ignore the opinion of New York State that the child should not be with the pedophile father, she will rely on the opinion of Dr. Alabiso, who has already been instructed to ‘evaluate’ the child back to the father.  Pretty simple when it is drawn out on the chalkboard.  It is a jewish end run around the rule of law.  State police powers thwarted by the rigged family court, designed by jews, run by jews for the benefit of pedophiles like Matthew Condel Couloute and his perverted pals who play Baby Dragon games with little kids, wagging their appendages at children and other forms of partial penetration.

Stay tuned, Dr. Frank Alabiso of Suburban Psychiatric Associates will use the magic of psychology to tell society that Sophia Couloute should be placed with a pedophile father who breaks mother’s bones and shares his own daughter with other sexual deviants.  Sigmund Freud would be proud to know that junk science promotes the jewish pedophile agenda, Sophia Couloute, not so much.

Judge LoVallo has run her court afoul of SCOTUS in her personal belief that Sophia is just a victim of brainwashing.  The court is required to defer to the professional medical judgment of Children’s Hospital, not personal pedo beliefs of the judge.  Psychologists like Alabiso practicing junk science are not medical professionals.

For the more technically inclined reader, Dr. R.E. Emery of the University of Virginia along with three other doctors of the profession documented the lack of scientific method in the custody evaluation scam.  The published paper can be read here.

Sigmund Freud, sponsored by jews to legitimize pedophila in name of psychology.

Judge Sharon LoVallo

Couloute arrest mug shot .

Dr. Robert E. Emery of University of Virginia declares custody evaluations junk science.