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Sophia Couloute Moves To Atlanta

The drama continues in the trafficking of Sophia Couloute, five year old daughter of the notorious Matthew Couloute, now seen living in Georgia.  She has now been placed in the pedo’s lair by Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court of New York.  Ripped out of safe haven against statutory and legislative intent requiring the court to protect victims of domestic violence and their children from mother beaters just like Couloute.  So much for the rule of law when the pedo inventory is low.

Sophia Couloute was living in Buffalo for the last year.  Abandoned in Connecticut, when Couloute abruptly moved to Georgia with his son Xavier.  The pedos of Connecticut tried to seize the kid back from NY with a felony arrest warrant issued by the Governor and his child trafficking criminal justice system.  NY court ended up with jurisdiction over the child and the State brought neglect charges, claiming interstate child trafficking.  But Couloute argued (perjured) that Connecticut held jurisdiction by lying about living at 50 Duncaster Road in Bloomfield, CT…..his mother’s house.

Couloute had a change of heart about his domicile when Connecticut dropped the felony charges against mom on 17 August.  The court recognized it could not pursue criminal charges on a mom in NY by a resident of Georgia.  Couloute obtained a GA driver’s license at the end of last year by claiming residency.  On 24 August Couloute found a big chunk of change and private tuition was paid for Xavier.  On 5 September, Couloute withdrew all his pleadings in Hartford Family Court demanding the mother be stripped of custody.  (Pedos don’t like joint custody).  He had started his sole custody campaign in Hartford in January.  Nine months, forty docket entries, no hearings; see case detail here.  The door has been shut on Connecticut’s pedo jurisdiction over trafficking Sophia.  The State of New York is now in complete control of the trafficking of this adorable little girl.

So if NY has control, why is Sophia now living at 3210 Lakeheath Drive in Cumming, Georgia?  Legal definition of safe haven was Buffalo, NY.  Home of mom, grandparents, friends, cousins.  Source of emotional and financial support for abused child and battered mother.  She was even insured by state health plan.  What great legal cause exists to rip an adorable child out of safe haven and drop her in Cumming, Georgia?  Certainly not the financial stability of Matthew Couloute.  He has no verifiable employment, he has no abode, he lives in his mother’s other house in Georgia, pays no rent, demonstrates no income, no health insurance, leaves kids with strangers on his extended absences from the state, does not even own a car.  What gives?

The parents still have joint custody of Sophia.  So why did Judge Sharon LoVallo relocate Sophia to Georgia?  The climate?  Last time she was there, daddy had to drug her every night because of allergies which she did not have in Buffalo.  Schools?  Kid is five, schools don’t matter.  Stability?  Couloute just announced he was relocating to Georgia on 5 September.  By court records he has not lived there even a month.  Looks like the pedos own Judge LoVallo.  Income producing play toy had to be put in control of daddy pimp, so the move to Georgia was ordered.  Not hard to follow.

Of course the time line is interesting.  Couloute has been playing this game for a year.  Cash was so tight that he could not pay his son’s tuition bill at Lyndon Academy.  Kid could not start school as $17k was unpaid.  Would not even enroll the son in public school.  Lyndon would not release the report card with debt owed.  But magically, the bill is paid and Xavier goes to school on 28 August, over two weeks late.  On 5 September Couloute withdraws all his motions in Hartford Family Court, claiming he is moving to Georgia.  Two days later he files in NY to terminate mother’s rights and relocate the daughter to Georgia.  On 14 September, on cue, Judge LoVallo fulfills her trafficking duties taking Sophia out of school, moving her to Georgia, isolating mom.  So where did the money come from?

A racier side to the drama is Couloute’s recent ‘girlfriends’.  White blonde woman #1 was in southwestern Connecticut.  Smooth man Couloute got her into bed promising money, car, support and caring for Sophia when he won sole custody with help of his Connecticut judge pals.  The judges bowed out, his performance in bed was kinda weird and white blond lady said goodbye to Matthew Condel Couloute and his lies.  She never did get a car and of course no money and found no cause to be a kept nanny.

Then we have white blonde woman #2 who has been recruited to care for Sophia in Georgia.  Her name is Annette Shaffer.  She is a recent addition to the drama and has not made any effort to vette out Couloute’s past.  She has not even had him tested for HIV or a host of the other STD’s he is carrying.  Given the company she keeps, the Baby Dragon Game is a play date favorite.  Hope Annette at least gets a car out of it.  Guess that is less work for Andy and Amber Bashkin, the de facto kid keepers and fellow Connecticut alum hiding in the Georgia woods.

Of twisted concern as to why Judge LoVallo uprooted Sophia is the blind eye to Couloute’s refusal to pay NY court ordered child support.  Couloute filed no financial disclosures as ordered by the court.  He thumbed his nose at the temporary order refusing to pay the $100/wk.  He can’t pay that, how is paying the private tuition for the son?   Travel costs? Free magic carpet rides from Atlanta to Buffalo?  Or just complete isolation of the play toy from the mother?  No complaints from the state funded attorney for the child, Kelly Ball, Esq.  Just silence.

What an excellent way to erase the mother from the child’s life.  Move the kid to Atlanta from Buffalo with no possibility for visitation.  No mommy hugs, no kisses.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes, the resulting perturbation in the rule of law is obvious.  Taking a kid out of safe haven, maligning a battered mother, ignoring legislative intent and statutory requirements codified in DRL 75[2}, child support non payment, ignoring disclosure orders; pretty obvious that Judge LoVallo is trafficking this kid.  Must be some lawyers involved as well; all under the watchful eye of Judge Paula Feroleto of the NY Eighth Judicial District, with use of state and federal funds.