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Public Scrutiny Exception

Sometimes we just have to read the words of the idiots in black to understand how stupid these judges really are.  Our bat shit crazy wicked witch of the west, Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court is a candidate for permanent mental disability.  She has issued a gag order on the Couloute case.  Totally unconstitutional attack on public right of scrutiny of public forums known as the people’s courts of law.  She shreds the First Amendment and steps on the ‘prior restraint’ landmine.

The nut job is so incoherent as to specify an exception to her gag order for matters of the welfare of the child.  Public scrutiny of a corrupt court and its pedo judge is in the best interest of the trafficked child.  Public scrutiny of corrupt courts does uphold the welfare of the child; good faith exception taken.  The public acts in good faith to protect the welfare of the sexually abused child being trafficked by unscrupulous state actors in New York and Connecticut.  Judges LoVallo, Suarez, Williams and Carney being the ring leaders.

Of course bird brain LoVallo is so delusional as to believe a finding of contempt of court is going to enforce her unconstitutional muzzle of the people.  She does not realize that she has no power to punish a patriot who ignores her terroristic  gag order.  She is a dog with no bark and no bite.  Her court lacks the power to enforce such an order… fuck you bitch, don’t fuck with people’s rights and don’t fuck the kids.

Given Judge Sharon LoVallo is so much of a tyrant to believe she can silence criticism of her own incompetence, perhaps she should recuse herself from the bench completely, take up gardening or professional dog walking.  She is not cut out to be a judge in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Will LoVallo vacate her unconstitutional order before the federal suit gets filed against her?  Stay tuned.