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Matthew Couloute Gets Bitch Slapped

The arrogant asshole known as Attorney Matthew Condel Couloute, licensed to practice law in the courts of New York State has been duly bitch slapped by Erie Family Court Magistrate Julie Dee for flagrant disobedience to court orders.  Couloute was ordered to file required financial disclosures with the court as the normal and customary requirements of state law.  He refused.  He was ordered to pay a nominal $100 a week to provide care for his daughter, Sofi Couloute, but he refused.  He spends most of his court time arguing that the First Amendment does not exist and that blogs prevent him from complying with court orders.

Well, Magistrate Dee finally had enough of the rantings of this blithering idiot.  She told him to shut up, sit down and barred him from participating in proceedings in her court.  She bitch slapped the lying, cheating asshole right on the record.  The long arm of Connecticut pedophile protection got severed by Magistrate Dee of Erie County.  In Connecticut, Couloute could rely on the matching skin color of Judge Sybil Richards to bitch slap his baby mama and protect himself from financial disclosure, but the game changed when NY State seized his daughter.  Rule of law trumps the rule of Connecticut pedos and their protective judges.

Magistrate Dee handed Couloute a bill to pay, found him in contempt for non-compliance with her orders, issued a capias to have him arrested the next time he steps foot in New York State and referred him for disciplinary proceedings for conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.  Matthew Condel Couloute, Esq. has hit a wall, which is a change for him as he usually beats women.  The white bitch on the bench, made the great Couloute her bitch and bitch slapped him if full public view.

Stay tuned folks, looks like the court has had enough of this lying, child trafficking son of a bitch.  Judge Sharon LoVallo is up next for more bitch slapping to deal with his perjury in her court, a felony matter.