Punishment By Child

The U.S. Constitution is designed to check the limits of government powers.  The Eighth Amendment prohibits inflicting ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.  Jewdicial monster Sharon LoVallo in Erie County Family Court thinks she has the power to inflict punishment on a mother by taking her child away.

Yep, you read that right.  Our jewish lady of Talmud, Judge Sharon LoVallo has made threats from the bench that she will strip a child from a parent as a form of court punishment.  A judge in a court under the state constitution formed by the federal Constitution is using federal and state funds to violate the Eighth Amendment with malice.

Shall we stop calling Sharon the Nut a judge?  Shall we call her a domestic enemy of the Constitution, a terrorist?  Shall we just declare hunting season on child abusers?  Is she so stupid to believe that no one is watching her jewdicial misconduct in the people’s court?  Will her bark be silenced when she is served with federal court papers?  Will she whimper back to her pedo overlords when she is charged with criminal conduct under federal statute 18 USC 242?  Will she empty her wallet to pay the people’s legal fees under 42 USC 1983?

After all, it is not a judicial duty to violate the Eighth Amendment.  It is not a function of the judicial authority to even threaten to violate the Eighth Amendment.  The batshit crazy LoVallo has no shield of immunity when she is that far over the edge.

Virtus is summoned to unsheathe her sword and strike at the heart of tyranny.  The republic must check terrorism instantly.  Expose LoVallo as the devil’s hand and dispatch her righteously.  Karma even awaits.  Justice will be served….cold.

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