First Amendment Showdown

High noon, comes the family court showdown with the First Amendment.  Erie County court judge calls out the First Amendment for a shoot out of rights vs. tyranny.  The pedo protectors of the corrupt family court system are going to take on the Constitution and its First pesky amendment to show the peasants that they are powerless against the tyrants in black robes.  Shut up, get in the boxcar!!

Our batshit ‘cray cray’ nutcase of a judge, Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court of the New York Unified ISIS Sleeper Cell, has threatened to take a child away from a parent for the existence of this famous blog.  Yes, folks, under the rule of law, the demented judge will use her ‘discretion’ to take up the First Amendment at trial on December 20th to prove to the people that their Constitution is meaningless.  She will wield her pedo powers from the bench to traffick Sofi Couloute under her delusional powers of control of free speech.  This showdown will turn into a righteous judicial slaughter and likely bring on a federal civil rights suit against Erie County…..taxpayers are going to pay through the nose on this one.

The underlying matter of public interest is that Sofi Couloute is a victim of sexual abuse by the father Matthew Couloute.  NY state has determined that the kid is a victim of abuse.  Simple.  But LoVallo has orders from her pedo masters to cut mom out of the picture and hand the play toy over to the perp.  But there is a problem, dad busted a few of mom’s bones, which classifies mom as a victim of domestic violence, who, under NY Law DRL 75[2], is entitled to safe haven protection along with the kid from the perp having access to his victims restricted.  Pretty simple.  But the betrayal of LoVallo’s game is that she has not once mentioned this legal requirement….not once.  She knows it is there, but she will not address the matter, she will not acknowledge the law nor the court’s legal responsibility to uphold it.  Instead the ‘cray cray’ judicial authority goes off on the First Amendment; diversionary judicial smoke screen.

It is staged.  The jewish pedo protectors running the family court have set a collision course pitting judicial discretion against the First Amendment.  A rule of law vs. tyranny showdown.  Hardly a matter for the limited jurisdiction of family court, likely a question for the U.S. District Court of Western New York.  Plenty of case law on the subject, none of which supports the rantings of LoVallo the cray cray.

Note LoVallo has legal duty to issue a child support order, requiring dad to make proper financial disclosure, but he refuses….LoVallo ignores this in favor of attacking the First Amendment.  Note that Couloute received protection by a Connecticut judge in hiding his financial information from the mother of his son.  Strange how this equal citizen gets special treatment.

Judge LoVallo is paid by the people of New York State to perform a simple ministerial function of protecting victims of domestic violence and issuing child support orders.  She has done neither, she avoids such simple issues required of her office, she is not an honest person nor is she properly executing the duties of her office and she is violating her oath…..see how pedos roll!!!!

Stay tuned folks, the pedo ring has exposed itself and Judge Sharon LoVallo has no place to hide.  Public scrutiny of matters in a public forum about trafficking of children by corrupt judicial players is a good thing….really.

Stay tuned…..this is getting good!!!!


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