The Boogey Man!

According to the Family Court of New York State there is no such thing as a pedophile ring!!!  Just like J. Edgar Hoover stated there was no organized crime, Judge Sharon LoVallo rules from the bench that pedophile rings who traffick children for sexual pleasures do not exist.  It is a figment of your imagination.  Boogey Man is real, pedophile rings are not.  And by the way, if you are a mother who thinks there are pedophiles raping your kids, well, you have a mental defect and the court of LoVallo will take your kids away.

Yes folks, can’t make this up.  Bat shit crazy Judge Sharon LoVallo of the Erie County Family Court has ruled; mothers who believe there are evil pedophiles in our society, preying on children are just crazy and have their children taken away.  Yes, this is America, this is the twenty-first century, this is the New York Judiciary in public view, telling you what to think.

The details are from a court hearing last week in Buffalo.  NY Department of Social Services holding a neglect petition against Matthew Condel Couloute, the infamous child abuser who shares his daughter with other attorneys, does not pay child support and is generally protected by the child traffickers of family court in Connecticut; like Judge Annie Dranginis and Anna Ficeto.  Well, Judge LoVallo is protecting the ring and has crushed mom for thinking some swinging dicks are poking her daughter.  Baby Dragon games anyone?

Note that NY CPS ordered mom to take the sexually abused kid to Children’s Hospital after several reports of kid exhibiting behavior indicative of being drugged after returned from visit with Couloute.  Three doses every night of the bubble gum flavor followed by the bad tasting medicine, for a girl who is not sick.  Medical professionals at Children’s in Buffalo confirmed the girl was sexually abused and drugged out of her mind while in Georgia.  True to form, Judge LoVallo attacked the mother for complying with CPS directive in taking the kid to the hospital.  Anybody else getting a sense that Judge Sharon LoVallo is a puppet for some very powerful people who have use for this little girl?  If you have an opinion of Judge Sharon LoVallo, better keep it to yourself, lest the Boogey Man gets ya!!

So get it straight people….the Boogey Man is real, the Tooth Fairy is real, Santa Claus is real, but pedophile rings do not exist, kids are not trafficked in this country, you can trust family court, now return to your lives, nothing to see here.

Judge Sharon LoVallo

Matthew Couloute and kids

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  1. What happened in this case . I have judge LAvallo and was threatened to not call cos or police or the judge will take it as a violation . No my son isn’t going through that of which Sofia has gone through . But there are just somethings in my sons case that I cannot understand . Allowing mom to lie in her petition with no proof . Allowing an order of protection without a police report allowing the mom to retract the petition to then only come back and restart another . Mom is on drugs has admitted to it . Mim sells drugs as well. Mom has been caught for shoplifting the judge Lovallo has looked the other way . The mom has actually admitted to the use of drugs and still got custody . We are going to trial but until then my son suffers from his mother’s mistakes , misjudgments, crimes and neglect .

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