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Spotlight: Attorney Yvonne Vertlieb

Conspiracy in deprivation of rights comes in all forms.  In the family court armpit of Buffalo, New York we find a sloth of a lawyer bludgeoning a mother in obedience to a tyrannical judge to defeat the First Amendment, while using state and federal funds.

We the people, are funding terrorism.  A state employee of no brains, wearing a black robe issues a gag order so that parents can’t talk about the welfare of their child.  Yes, our familiar bat shit crazy ISIS member, Judge Sharon LoVallo, family judge of Erie County.  Exactly what is the state’s interest in preventing a mother from talking with her bestees about what is her greatest life trauma?  LoVallo the crazy forbids communications of the proceedings with third parties.  A completely meaningless order.  What is a ‘third party’?  The life of a child is now a ‘proceeding’?

Familial members are not parties, they are family.  Brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, godfathers, priests, lovers, girl friends, confidants do not fall neatly into a class of ‘third parties’ when a mother has been beaten and broken, where a child is the victim of sexual abuse by dad and his friends.  Who is the first party, where is the second party and what the fuck is LoVallo talking about a third party?

There are rumors that the state appointed Attorney for the child, Kelly Ball, Esq, is asking the Fourth Department of the Unified Court System to investigate if a first party may have spoken to a third party, in diabolical violation of the bat shit unconstitutional order of Judge LoVallo.  Spotlight falls on Attorney Yvonne Vertlieb of the Assigned Counsel Office who is being paid by the state to provide legal services to the mother.  Vertlieb is LoVallo’s puppet.  Vertlieb cannot spell law nor can she find it when a book of it falls on her head.  She is dumb, stupid, incompetent and falsely represents to the public that she can practice family law.  She can’t even see an unconstitutional act of a judge when it hits her client in the head.  Vertlieb played her client with state funds to please the judge.  LoVallo The Nut wants no public scrutiny of her child trafficking operation.  She seals her courtroom, destroys the transcripts, locks up the file and gags the parents.  Nice try comrade, but courthouse rumors are rampant on this case and chatty clerks are rather chatty.

Vertlieb, a traitor to her country, lets the judicial tyrant shit all over the First Amendment.  Vertlieb does not ask why, does not file for clarification, does not file for a hearing allowing interested persons to be heard as the public interest overrides LoVallo’s personal desire to hide child trafficking from public views, not even a mention of strict scrutiny or to present prohibition of prior restraint.  No motion to vacate, nor an appeal.  Vertlieb has taken an oath to uphold the corruption of the court, to be obedient to the tyrant in black, not to impede pedo child trafficking and to commit federal crimes by deprivation of rights, all while pretending to be mother’s counsel.

Of peculiar legal interest is the fact that Attorney Vertlieb has stated publicly that is her “sincere belief that outside commentary by various bloggers has been devastatingly detrimental to my client.  I would sincerely request that you not write about this matter as I believe that it would do nothing but harm to my client’s case.”  Which begs the legal question as how can a court of law be influenced by public discussion of a public matter.  No real lawyer would put such a statement in writing as it undermines the legitimacy of the court.  Put another way, Attorney Vertlieb has publicly admitted the need to recuse Judge LoVallo.  Vertlieb is so stupid she does not realize the construction she has created; a court of law acting on ‘third party’ political commentary to render judgment.  Looks like big boss Attorney Robert Convissar has cause to pull the idiot off the case for malpractice before the state gets sued for assigning incompetent counsel to poor folks.

Federal and state money funding Vertlieb comes with strings, hooks and some down right annoying criticism.  So look for Vertlieb and LoVallo to be in handcuffs for criminal enterprise in family court.  A misuse of public funds.