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Matthew Couloute: Con Man

Just a little insight into the demented mind of the diseased body of Matthew Condel Couloute, a man so delusional as to think that no one can see his game.  There are two things this man does not want.  The first, having a long history, is that he will not file a financial disclosure in any court.  Recently, he was ordered by a judge in NY to file financial disclosure, tax returns, W-2’s, 1099’s, bank statements, etc. as part of the child support worksheet, a national process to which Couloute is subject…..but it never, ever happens, no judge in NY, CT, FL or GA has forced Couloute to comply with the disclosure requirements.  The last go round in front of Judge Sybil Richards of Connecticut resulted in the mother of his son being beaten by the judge for asking for discovery and then found the mother failed to prove Couloute’s income.  Crazy judicial behavior not based on law, just protection of judicial pets.

Second item is that Matthew Condel Couloute does not want anyone to take his daughter to the doctor.  Read that again.  Couloute won’t pay child support, but he demands a court order specifying that the mother of his daughter be prohibited from taking Sofi to the doctor.  Then he will complain about public scrutiny of a father in a family court demanding that no one but him take the kid to the doctor……what is he afraid of?  The doctor will find some injury? Some evidence of a crime? Something sinister that Couloute does not want anyone to know about?  This Couloute criteria applies to the two mothers of his two kids.

The fact that Couloute demands such strange restriction on who drives the kid to the doctor is a red flag.  A concern that demento man is up to no good, that a child may be in danger.  Mandatory reporting?  The public is already aware that NY CPS directed mom to take the kid to Children’s Hospital, where professionals documented Sofi was a victim of sexual abuse.  The public is aware that Judge Sharon LoVallo scolded mother for complying with CPS directive.  The state funded attorney for the kid, Kelly Ball, went off on the mother for caring for her child and denounced Children’s Hospital for lying!!!  LoVallo promptly moved the kid to Georgia.  All bizarre behavior as noted by the most casual observer, Couloute is a a con artist with a most sinister cause.

A father who will not permit either mother to take his son Xavier or daughter Sofi to the doctor… flag if there ever was one.