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Spotlight: Dr. Frank Alabiso, Ph.D.

Time to spotlight another jewish tool of the corrupt family court of Erie County, NY.  The famous case involving the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute takes another turn to the dark side.

It is not enough that NYS Department of Social Services/Child Protection seized the sexually abuse Sophia Couloute and placed her in foster care for protection.  It is not enough that Buffalo Children’s Hospital determined Sophia is a victim of sexual abuse at the diseased appendage of Couloute.  The jew Judge Sharon LoVallo spits in the face of the state and orders Dr. Frank P. Alabiso, Ph.D. into the picture to further obscure the matter.

Dr. Alabiso practices with a band of thieves known as Suburban Psychiatric Associates located in Amherst, NY, just off I990 north of Buffalo.  He has been ‘ordered’ by Judge LoVallo to perform some undefined witchcraft on Sophia and her parents.  No standards of evaluation, no citation of published protocol, simply ‘court ordered’ to do something that only he knows what Judge LoVallo wants.  Or that the AFC, Attorney Kelly Ball has privately communicated to him on secret directive of the judge.  The judge is a jew and the junk science of psychology is a jewish invention.  History buffs can google Sigmund Freud and his jewish sponsors in the creation of the science of singular opinions, absent scientific discipline. Spectators of the family court system can study the ‘best practices’ designed by the jews of the AFCC organization which circumvent any application of law or vetting of so called ‘experts’ in a court proceeding.  Simple jewish defeat of the law of the gentiles.

The practice manager of Suburban Psychiatric Associates is a state license Registered Nurse, Lisa Peinkofer, who cannot provide any reference to support the professional work of Dr. Alabiso in the court ordered ‘custody evaluation’ of Sophia Couloute.  The work is not done for free, as the quack doctor demands five thousand dollars for his personal brand of unspecified professional service so ordered by the court.  A classic jewish game, big bucks, no specifics, but ordered by the jew judge in execution of Christian family destruction under the agenda of Zionism dictated from the Talmud by the chosen.

There is great suspicion in the connection between Dr. Frank Alabiso and Judge LoVallo’s court.  He is not under contract to Erie County nor the court.  There is no service agreement between the good doctor and the court.  There is no service agreement even available to the goyim ordered to pay the $5,000 fee.  Is the mysterious business connection between the judge and the doctor sealed in the kickback to Kelly Ball??  The grand pedo ring master who ensures that Sophia will only be evaluated under pedo approved standards by pedo controlled psychologists?

The game is obvious, the jew judge, trafficking little five year old sex toy, tosses out all evidence and complaints by the State of New York, then appoints Dr. Alabiso as the ‘cleaner’ to attack the mother, giving the court cause to erase the her from the child’s life, where the dad is free to use the kid for deviant (jewish) pleasure and revenue generation from his pedo associates.  The evil link is Attorney Kelly Ball, the attorney who fails to protect her own client, who fails to zealously advocate for the child.  Kelly Ball runs her mouth all over Buffalo that mom is terrible, making unqualified and unprofessional statements in public earshot.  It is public knowledge that Ball disagrees with the professional medical opinion of Children’s Hospital that Sophia is a victim of sexual abuse.  Ball is of superior pedo persuasion that her duty as pedo protector gives her special powers to dismiss medical diagnosis.  Ball violates the civil rights of the mother by claiming mental instability, following the commentary from Judge LoVallo about being ‘cray cray’.  The judge and the attorney violate federal anti discrimination provisions of Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II for the judge and Title III for Kelly Ball.  Such illegal acts being funded with state money in providing government services.  Do the citizens of Erie County realize the liability being set upon them by this jewish game in LoVallo’s family court?  Conspiracy by Ball and LoVallo to deprive civil rights of a fellow citizen under the color of child trafficking?

Attorney Kelly Ball is guilty of civil rights violations by her game of isolating a child from a mother in claim that the mother is a qualified individual holding a disability.  A rather death camp type attitude.  Ball decides mother has no right to live, so Ball orders the gas chamber.  Ball uses the child, Sophia, as a weapon of her gestapo mindset.  As long as Kelly Ball thinks you are ‘cray cray’  you will be isolated from your own child.  The child will be used as a weapon of punishment against its own mother in violation of the Eighth Amendment.  Kelly Ball does violate the Constitution in her quest to please her pedo masters.  Not an American, nor Christian, nor federal concept, but a jewish family court game of destroying parent-child bonds under rule of the Talmud and blessed by the jew in the black robe.  All in public view, all in violation of state and federal laws.  The jews are the chosen ones who are destroying Sophia’s childhood.

There is simply no professional standard supporting a ‘court ordered’ custody evaluation.  Dr. R.E. Emery of the University of Virginia and his colleagues at Stanford, Nevada and Florida published a paper stating the flaws of such junk science of custody evaluations.  A quick read of Emery’s paper reveals that Dr. Frank P. Alabiso, Ph.D. is an abslolute fraud, as is LoVallo.

The opinion of a Baptist minister, Catholic priest, Protestant reverend, Islamic cleric or a member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club on how to protect Sophia Couloute would be more American than the jewish games of LoVallo’s court.  The aforementioned persons hold no public agenda in support of pedophilia, hold respect for God and his gifts of children to the world.

The anti-christ will be a jew and Judge LoVallo is preparing for her arrival, destroying one Christian child at a time.


Attorney Kelly Ball, AFC for Sophia Couloute.

Judge Sharon LoVallo

Attorney Marco Cercone, arson expert. Sophia’s mother’s attorney.

Couloute arrest mug shot.  Wife beater and bone breaker.

Attorney Liz DiPirro, dirty pedo player trafficking Sophia Couloute

Erie County Family Court.  Pedophile central.


Den of psychological thieves.