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Who is protecting Matthew Couloute?

Public scrutiny of the shenanigans of Family Court turns up unexplainable oddities that only confirm the suspicion that judges are on the take and controlled by powers of evil lurking in the shadows of society.  Child endangerment.

Let’s take the strangeness which surrounds Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr.  A strange black man with two kids from two different white women.  He appears before the less than Honorable Sybil Richards of Connecticut Superior Court for a matter of child support brought by mother of his son Xavier.  Pretty simple process, fill out forms, declare income, perform some simple mathematics on a ‘worksheet’ and presto, the child support order is done.  But not for the amazing Matthew Couloute, he does not file the required paperwork, instead fellow negro Judge Richards bashes the white mother for not proving to the court the income of the amazing Couloute.  Richards dismisses the matter and bans the white person from her court, all in violation of law.  Amazing.

Next the amazing Couloute gets dragged before a family support magistrate in Buffalo, NY, for a support order on his daughter of a different white woman.  Same drill, disclose income, fill out the forms, do the math….presto, support order appears.  But Couloute does not disclose his income, does not comply with court orders to file the proper forms, just blows off the court as he is the amazing Matthew Couloute, above the law, protected, special.  Instead of putting the asshole in jail to fill out the paperwork, FSM Julie Dee, a white woman, plays a strange end run around the law, she ignores his contempt of the court completely and issues a support order based on an old tax return.  A clever trick by FSM Dee to allow Couloute to again escape from having to disclose his murky financial situation.  Who told Dee to protect Couloute’s financials?

Couloute has admitted to not filing federal taxes in the last four years.  Couloute has not disclosed his income to any court in the last eight years.  Two children by two different white women, but no proper child support order….strange indeed.  Couloute claims to have a job with a used car dealer in Georgia;  He drives a Caddy with dealer plates, meaning he either owns part of the  company or is a full-time employee.  He rents a house from his mother for $1,500 a month, pays utilities along with food and clothing for two kids who the courts have placed with him, rather than the mothers.  Neither mother is allowed to take the kids to the doctors, for unstated reasons, neither child is covered by medical insurance in Georgia, a fact that is known to child protective services in NY, CT and GA.  Perhaps the amazing Couloute can’t afford it?  Or more likely will not disclose his financials to the state to obtain Peach State Health.  Let the kids suffer, no need for proper medical insurance, if it means revealing the strange sources of income.

A third judge, the shadowy Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court refuses to issue a child support order on the daughter Sophia, who LoVallo curiously relocated to Georgia in September.  Judge moves the kid without proper support order or proof of medical insurance and does not care when the issue is raised in her court.   Smell like child trafficking?  Simple statutory requirements being ignored by three judges in two different states for the amazing Matthew Couloute.

The requirement for a child support order flows down from federal law through state statutes to the judge on the bench of family court.  It is a duty of the court to ensure children are covered by proper support orders, but not for the amazing Matthew Couloute, the judges have been told to ignore the law for him.

So what is so special about Matthew Condel Couloute that he does not have to comply with the law, can blow off the court and is curiously protected by the judicial authority?  Why do his kids not get proper support orders?  No medical insurance?  Restricted doctor visits? Who is protecting Couloute and why?  Who is ordering judges to suspend the law when it comes to protecting Sophia and Xavier?

Matthew Couloute and kids

Judge Sharon LoVallo

Judge Sybil Richards