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Bat Shit Crazy Judge LoVallo….at it again

The judge has absolutely lost her marbles.  She is so full of shit that she thinks no one sees her child trafficking game.  She comes right out in the public forum and tells the world that Judge Sharon LoVallo of the New York Family Court does not recognize the law nor the limits of the court.  Yes, the bat shit crazy Judge LoVallo has gone over the edge.  Her pedo handlers are upset and need a child trafficked to the point of terminating mother’s parental rights to provide inventory to the pedo ring.  Little kids are in short supply these days.

LoVallo is the ring member who ignores Matthew Couloute’s perjury when he pleads to the court that he lives in Connecticut, but then the court discovers he is lying about not living in Georgia.  He plays the judge like a fiddle, which means she is in on his game.

Couloute recently filed a complaint in LoVallo’s court, requesting termination of the mother’s parental rights to daughter Sophia Couloute, because the First Amendment exists.  Because he is litigating a matter in a public forum and that this blog exists, Attorney Matthew Condel Couloute claims that the court has cause to terminate Sophia’s mother’s right to be a mother.  So crazy, so insane, so Couloute.

But our bat shit crazy pedophile loving Judge Sharon LoVallo agrees with his claim and orders a Show Cause Hearing, summoning mother before her demented bench to defend her parental rights, because free speech has been exercised in a blog about a public proceeding in a public forum.  Yes, LoVallo has lost her constitutional marbles.  The court cannot entertain any claim to terminate parental rights unless it is being prosecuted by the State.  There is no claim by Erie DSS Attorney Lauren Creighton on behalf of New York to take such drastic action because of a blog or any other reason.  So why has Judge Sharon LoVallo ordered a show cause hearing to make the mother defend herself against the unconstitutional claim of Couloute?  To traffic Sophia?

See the pleading and LoVallo’s illegal order here.  It is real folks, family court judges cast aside the law to traffic children.  LoVallo ignores the rule of law, ignores First Amendment, ignores public scrutiny of the courts; she is gone off the deep end.

On Thursday she will be politely told by all attorneys involved that the court does not have the authority to punish mom by permanent loss of Sophia because LoVallo does not like reading about her kangaroo court on a blog.  She will also be reminded that the Eighth Amendment does not allow for punishing mothers by infliction of emotional pain and suffering on a five year old child.  The First Amendment should hit the bird brain right between the eyes when she reads this blog entry.  She has no power to muzzle the people’s scrutiny of pedo tyrants on the bench.  None.  Notta.  Zip.

Claims against LoVallo’s terrorism should cost her dearly.  Deprivation of rights by a state judge is such a spectacle in federal court, bring popcorn!!  Conspiracy to kidnap a child across state lines by the Couloute/LaVallo pedo ring.

But Attorney Kelly Ball, the attorney for the child, will most likely be silent as her pedo masters will frown upon the application of law to protect a child.  State funded, Attorney Ball is working for the dark side and has failed to conceal it.  A child is in danger.

Looks like Judge LoVallo has two options.  Admit she is working for the pedo ring and get arrested or let the big strong men in white coats take her off the bench in a straight jacket; she can live out her days in a mental institution heavily medicated to control her altered reality episodes.

This is America. Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.  Don’t ever forget it.