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Couloute Admits Georgia Residency

After ten months of pleadings claiming protection of Connecticut Family Court to judicial authorities in New York, Attorney Matthew Couloute admits to Judge LoVallo that he has been living in Georgia all along.  Perjury admitted in open court.

Lying in family court is a judicial standard that is protected by doting judges whose discretion is purchased.  Lying by a member of the Bar is commonplace in American jurisprudence; goes with the territory and the privilege of being above the law.  The drama of Couloute took a felony turn this week, but will the perjury be pursued?  Will he be charged for criminal conduct in a court of law?  Will the Family Courts of Connecticut and New York uphold any form of legitimacy in punishing criminal conduct?  Doubt it.  But stay tuned.

The Game of Courts has been upended.  No longer is Couloute shielded by his judicial protectors in Hartford and Milford.  No longer can he get Judge Sybil Richards to abuse a mother by breaking the law to conceal his legally required financials, no longer can Judge Jose Suarez claim custody control over an abused child, no longer can Bloomfield Police act has his personal henchmen to traffick his daughter, no longer can State’s Attorney Kevin Kane misuse public office to harass a mother by false prosecution.  He can no longer rely on Judge Omar Williams to issue false arrest warrants for his x wife.  Jurisdiction has now shifted to California for his son and to New York for his daughter.  Both states require financial disclosure.  Each state has full control over what is best for the children.  Connecticut judicial discretion has been removed from the drama; a good thing.

Judge LoVallo did put on an Oscar performance for being shocked to learn that Couloute has been living in Georgia all the this time, even though she and Judge Suarez held official documentation of his Cumming residence and Georgia driver’s license.  But true to family court form, she put on a great display of judicial shock; but did not order arrest for perjury.  Judge LoVallo still has to answer to her masters on how she lost control of the script and why the matter is still in her court and not back in the Pedo Utopia of Connecticut.

Baby Aaden, if only Connecticut had cared as much for you as Couloute’s kids.

Judge Sharon LoVallo

The Amazing Matthew Couloute

Couloute’s Kids