Ballot or Bullet?

It is that season again! To be or not to be? To traffic kids or eliminate the pedos? The blog famous pedo judge of Family Court in Buffalo is up for re-election. The very jewish and very pedo protective Sharon M. LoVallo thinks that she should be put back on the bench by the gentiles of Erie County. Oi vey!! Does she get a ballot or a bullet?

Her pedo pals are running around local neighborhoods asking unsuspecting democrats to sign her petition to be put on the ballot in June. But there are other non-pedophile folks who prefer she get a .50 cal the head, rather than to sit on the bench trafficking play toys for her deviant pedo pals who abuse children for pleasure. A .50 cal may well provide better justice than what LoVallo pretends is law. The people should be aware that the medical professionals at Children’s Hospital once found that a young girl before LaVallo’s bench had been sexually molested by her father. The evidence was properly presented, sworn testimony given, affidavits filed, but LoVallo ruled that the doctors were lying, the child was lying, the child protection agency was lying, there was no abuse, dad was a saint, then sent the kid back to dad to be drugged and molested some more. LoVallo works for the pedo ring, not for the purpose of law. Putting a monster back on the bench to facilitate the rape and abuse of children is not an American value, just jewish. LoVallo is a jewish pedophile, where the goys are her toys.

So which should it be? Put a child trafficking jew judge back on the bench to the delight of the pedophiles or a big old nasty .50 cal message to let the monsters of society know that pedo hunting season is year round, with no tags and no limits? LoVallo is a monster.

The LoVallo re-election campaign is not engaged in fundraising, as the pedo ring is providing all the necessary financial support to put their girl back on the bench, but it would help the children greatly if concerned citizens could send bullets; casings not required.

Pedo Jew Judge Sharon LoVallo, Erie County Family Court, ballot or bullet?
LoVallo dragging her grand daughters into the fray … she knows no bounds. Alexis, Marissa, Audriana, Kailyn, Kylie and Samantha have no idea that grandma traffics little girls for the deviant pleasures of grandma’s pedo pals or maybe they were toys too? Pedophilia runs in families.
Help the LoVallo re-election effort the right way …. send bullets!

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