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Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rules anti-semitic speech is constitutionally protected. Today’s ruling in Gerber v. Herskovitz recognized the free expression in a public place to criticize jewish deviancy. Welcome to ‘murika, the goy hold a protected right to hate da jews and the jews have no claim for relief in federal court.

Hate the politics of jews, hate the political power of jews, hate U.S. funding of a jewish state, hate the holohoax, hate what jews do to Palestinians, hate jewish rape of children, hate that jews have nuclear weapons, hate chosen jews, hate how jews control family court, then express yourself! It is a First Amendment right. Jews hate dat!! Jews have no standing to sue goy who reject everything jewish on claim of personal jewish butthurt. A jewish reaction to goyish critical expression is not an actionable cause in a court of law. Read an enlightened article by a jewish professor who agrees that jews can suffer from free expression just like the goy. An offended jew is not protected under American law.

The now-famous blog puts a First Amendment shout out to blog stars who cry over blog speak; it is free expression, but does not give a chosen ass cause to complain to fat blue badge toting donut whores about being a blog star. You step into the blog spotlight, act on a public stage, and bring down unwanted, constitutionally protected, expression. Suck it up buttercup; there is plenty more coming. The jews of family court always will be a blog delicacy. Enjoy!

Don’t like d’Blog, don’t read it!

Try a little free speech!