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Alma Rose Nunley

The now-famous Blog of the WORST kind spotlights the incompetent, incapable, moron attorney in the employ of Connecticut, Alma Rose Nunley, a state paycheck sponge with a law license, in the office of chink, commie, jew puppet, William Tong, the Attorney General of Corrupticut.  Rose The Hose Nunley steps upon a federal stage to defend blog star Judge Tammy Nguyen on attempted murder charges and retaliation under ADA Title II.  Tammy’s victim, father of little Odin, brings suit against the state for Tammy’s denial of accommodations and retaliation against a qualified individual, in defiance of court order issued by Judge Leo Diana.  See Tammy! for the original post on jewdicial attempted murder.

Blog’s civil rights department advises that State of Connecticut has burden to comply with Americans with Disabilities law; Judge Diana orders accommodation for old fart with a heart condition restricting trial to half-day sessions, which Tammy! voids absent authority, in violation of federal law, dismissing father’s pleadings in retaliation for exercising the  accommodation. Tammy! violated federal civil rights law … a glaring, grotesque example of jewdicial malfeasance in full Blog view. A rice paddy in Vietnam is missing its judge. But here comes Alma Rose Nunley to defend jewdicial misconduct as ordered by William Tong, the boy who missed the slow boat back to China. The taxpayer will now be soaked to defend a Vietnamese terrorist in black for her misconduct on the record!  Rose The Hose files her appearance becoming an instant blog star!

Blog legal department notes jewdicial branch ‘burden’ to comply with the federal ADA law, it is not up for debate, having little to do with Rose The Hose opinion or lawyer tricks. The non-compliance of Tammy! is a matter for the state to fix at the time of its occurrence, but moron Melanie Buckley($140k) trashed the complaint, stating it is a matter for the feds. The jewdicial department’s overpaid, uneducated, inbread, state paycheck sponges masquerading as ADA Advisory Board fail to police errant rice paddy farmer, in violation of federal law. Judge Patrick Carroll ($220k) chairs the committee, which includes attorneys Carl D. Cicchetti ($145k), Chief Clerk, Supreme and Appellate Courts; Paul S. Hartan ($205k), Chief Administrative Officer for Supreme & Appellate Courts; Deirdre McPadden ($190k), Director of Judge Support Services, Superior Court Operations; Lee Ross ($120k), Deputy Director, External Affairs Division; Richard Loffredo ($130k), Deputy Director for ADA Programs.  All attorneys subject to the rules of professional conduct who are aware of Tammy’s federal rights deprivation, do nothing to remedy misconduct, even grotesque, obese, ugly Sandra Lugo-Gines ($120k), ADA Program Manager, ignores the administrative complaint. Another fine example of state employees’ inability to execute federal mandates, while soaking taxpayers for over $1.4M in paychecks, now ending up in federal court, where Rose The Hose Nunley ($115k) will argue jewdicial authorities do no wrong, Odin’s dad deserved to die in the well before Judge Nguyen, who holds ‘broad discretion’ to void Judge Diana’s order, as it is best interests of children to promote pointless, protracted, stress inducing, coronary threatening custody litigation, where heart attacks eliminate litigants, clearing dockets, in cause of judicial efficiency; jewdicial discretion of the rabbinical court at its finest!

Blog notes that Rose The Hose Nunley filed for an extension of time to reply to the complaint of Tammy’s civil rights violation because she needs time to consult with Tammy!  Read her shit here.

Defendant requests extension because counsel requires additional time to consult with her client and to research, draft and finalize a response to the Complaint. Plaintiff’s Complaint alleges facts related to orders made in a state family court matter that involves over eight hundred docket entries spanning six years, including more than one hundred entries this year, with motions practice still ongoing. See Sakon v. Sakon

See the jewish trickery here?  Tammy fucked up royally in April, attempted murder of dad, violation of ADA law, retaliation against a qualified individual, administrative complaints filed and ignored, jewdicial employees conspire in deprivation of rights, rather than remedy Tammy’s misconduct, now Rose The Hose Nunley argues that the protracted custody litigation over Odin is cause to delay State’s reply to the complaint … logic only a jew can construct. If Rose The Hose reads Blog, she will realize that State’s reply is Tammy! fucked up big time, agree to the complaint, enter into a consent decree, remedy the malfeasance of the jewdiciary, where a competent federal judge will appoint a trustee to monitor civil rights compliance of the jews in black robes, as the pathetic jewdiciary cannot perform its function. Rose The Hose only needs to examine Diana’s accommodation order and Tammy’s retaliation order to recognize the jewdicial deprivation of rights; dueling trial court judges is not rule of law, but Tammy’s brand of tyranny.

Chink commie bastard William Tong must admit to the world that the evil monsters of family court have committed a federal crime in deprivation of rights, wherein remedy extends to declaring a mistrial in the Sakon case, voiding Tammy’s purchased orders that deny Odin dad hugs, holding no state interest. Only jews find purpose in severing father-son bonds for shekels, under color of state dissolution law. Deprivation of fundamental liberties is a jewish delicacy. Tong has additional problem that AG cannot argue against federal law, where State holds burden to comply. All eyes on commie chink Tong, he cannot act on behalf of a sovereign people to defend Tammy!, he must admit to jewdicial wrongdoing, he must admit conspiracy in deprivation of rights, there is no ‘research’ to find a way out of Tammy’s failure of justice, but watch Tong squirm to attack Odin’s father; character assassination to follow. Tong is a tool of the jew to protect the family court cesspool and all its jewish players … that’s why he fights!

Nunley is a pathetic excuse of a lawyer, a worthless Quinnipiac Law diploma, never having a real client, a state paycheck sponge, clerking in superior court, then for supreme idiots Chase Rogers and queer Andrew McDonald, now in AG office to blow shit up a federal judge about Tammy’s misconduct. Rose The Hose Nunley will make instant blog stardom on filing her reply, embarrassing herself and ‘we the people’ of Connecticut, but in the interim, she is invited to read past blog posts on Tammy! : TAMMY1, TAMMY2, TAMMY MELTDOWN, TAMMY d’IDIOT, TAMMY’s MISTRIAL, TAMMY d’RETARD, TAMMY3, SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY, STOP&SHOP, MISTRIAL.

For the technically inclined, ADA Title II prohibits state courts from discriminating against qualified individuals, the prohibition is against the public entity (family court) in delivering public services (divorce), where labeling a parent as ‘mental’ merely invokes ADA protections which prohibit stripping custody; the retaliation prohibition of 28 CFR §35.134 is against individuals, meaning Tammy broke the law … ooops, big fuck up, goes for Grossman, Adelman, Moukawsher, Wetstone, all acting under supervision of dumb nigger boy Robinson, who promotes deprivation of rights, under color of dissolution law … a conspirator, in technical terms.

Editor’s Note: Tammy exceeds authority by voiding accommodation order of Diana,J; a final order of the court, Tammy violated federal law by retaliating against the qualified individual for exercise of rights, terminating trial, dismissing pleadings, with prejudice, proceeding in judgement, such tyrannical conduct must be purged from the bench.

Rose The Hose Nunley, counsel to TAMMY!

Lack of whiteness creates deprivations of rights. Viet-cong rice farmer, commie chink, and dumb nigger can’t follow federal law, but pretend to act in best interest of Odin?  C’mon man.