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Redress Of Grievances

The legal shenanigans of Connecticut Attorney General William Tong have come to the attention of ‘we the people’ with bare arms, suggesting the yellow, commie chink is a traitor, acting on private agenda to destroy the redress clause of the First Amendment, oppressing a free people with jewish ideology, begging remedy by flash-bangs of the Second Amendment. The now-famous Blog of the worst kind, loved by nutmeg jew queen Jewette Katz, ponders alien ideology of Tong on this long weekend holiday celebrating independence of colonials from the King. In view of Tong, the King is a better choice.

Blog legal beagles sniff out deceit and deception in the Office of Attorney General, sinister tricks played out under miscreant Maura Murphy-Osborne’s ($145k/yr) legal incompetence, blowing smoke up state and federal black robes, deceiving courts and the sovereign people of Connecticut. Maura is a lousy fuck, even worse lawyer, who supervises the special litigation department, which opposes all redresses brought by aggrieved citizens for pathetic conduct of unscrupulous state actors. A state government staffed with imbeciles and retards, complaints flow in a deluge, a testimony to the failure of state paycheck sponges who cannot perform simple job functions. Maura supervises Blog stars Robert Deichert, ($145k/yr) John Tucker, ($175k/yr) and Alma Rose Nunley, ($115k/yr) whose pleadings betray Maura’s game of obscuring reality, attacking citizen rights, objecting to court jurisdiction, in frivolity, to dismiss complaints rather than providing honest answers in the name of the sovereign.

A complaint is made of a federal civil rights violation under ADA against a state actor, rather than admitting to the violation or explaining how the state complies with the Act, AAG Nunley expends precious resources claiming the federal court cannot hear the case, fraudulently objecting to jurisdiction, demanding the complaint be dismissed, that redress be denied on her fallacious wishes. She pleads this even after the judge told her the suit sticks! Nunley insidiously claims a parent cannot be next friend in suit.  AAG Deichert does the same, where redress is brought to federal court for due process violation under Fifth Amendment, he tosses up incomprehensible word-salad, demanding dismissal, in derogation of the Fourteenth Amendment, failing to even address the state’s error. AAG Tucker claims ‘absolute immunity’ for dismissal of complaint against an errant state employee’s reckless conduct, badgering the judge as an idiot for denying his frivolous demand, demanding to reargue the matter; relentless attacks on redress rights rather than answering the complaint. The pattern is clear, Tong’s game is to blow smoke and defeat redress. If the state is in the wrong, then admit it, in the name of an honest people. If the complaint is erroneous, then answer same. There is a huge waste of sovereign resources in Tong’s game of defeating redress rights, violating the Fourteenth Amendment, executing alien ideology, thwarting the role of a sovereign people, a jew’s game; war against the Constitution.

Redress of grievances is a right of a free people enshrined in the First Amendment, imposed upon the states by the Fourteenth, a mechanism of liberty ensuring a government of the people, for the people, by the people, addresses complaints, that the government responds to grievances, an element of self-governance necessary for survival of the Republic. Tong’s actions work only to defeat the right, voiding due process. A grievance is properly brought in a court of law, a formal setting to address the complaint, fabricated actions designed merely to defeat redress by dismissal are alien to the concept of redress. An answer to the grievance is expected, a point lost on Tong. The nutmeg sovereigns fund government to comply with the redress clause, responses to grievances are required by the constitutional structure of the Republic, which Tong works tirelessly to defeat, alien ideology of the jew, personified in the yellow, commie chink, who missed the slow boat back to chinkland, where he truly belongs.

AG Tong violates the Constitution, ignores his oath, betrays public trust. Defeat of redress incites violence. Every motion to dismiss a grievance by the AG begs a .50 cal to the head, Second Amendment’s special remedy against unscrupulous state actors in abuse of office, betraying the sovereign, warring against the Constitution. Maura’s form of ‘special litigation’ demands the elimination of Tong.

Editor’s Note:  Tong’s constitutional terrorism makes him a Blog star, an enemy of the people, a magnet for high velocity freedom seeds, his failure to answer grievances of a sovereign is tyranny, for which ancient Romans and American Patriots dispense death; sic semper tyrannis. Et tu Brute?

In deprivation of First Amendment, Tong begs Second Amendment retorts, a sovereign people will not be denied rights by alien ideology of the yellow commie chink.

Unscrupulous state actors, arguing against redress, abuse of office, war against the Constitution, begging high velocity freedom seeds in protection of First Amendment.