The family court case where FreedMarcroft is trafficking little Odin Sakon continues its twisted drama in its 30th day of trial before the ignorant Judge Tammy Nguyen in Hartford. A rather boring slugfest of smelly tampons ganging up on dad, claiming that his very existence causes harm and trauma to his ten year old son. Same old scum lawyer game of parental character assassination that is the hallmark of the judiciary. Today Judge Tammy Viet-Cong, sua sponte, out of the blue, led the prosecution of dad, calling her own witnesses, directly questioning a so-called expert about mental defects and child abuse, fingering dad as an abuser and Odin a victim. Tammy’s game is obvious.

Attorney Misty Simmons represents Francelia Sevin of Manchester, Dr. Linda Smith, PhD is the paid shrink, and Judge Tammy oversees what is now the longest drawn out divorce proceeding in the history of Connecticut, entering its sixth year with no final custody/support/parenting decisions. Mommy nutjob Francelia, penniless and unemployed, has paid FreedMarcroft over $250k in fees with ‘borrowed’ cash. She previously testified before Judge Olear that it was loaned to her by fuckbuddy Dennis O’Toole, but let it slip today that the money comes from the Stop&Shop grocery chain.

Nutjob Francelia listed this chunk of change on her financial affidavit as a debt incurred to pay legal fees for the pointless, protracted litigation, serving no best interest of anyone, only to malign the father, real estate developer John Sakon. Francelia’s goal is to relocate with Odin to a pedo commune in Colorado, sell boy ass for sustenance, beyond protection of dad. Paying back so much money takes a lot of lube. Francelia does not want dad to know that a Stop&Shop real estate developer is providing unsecured financing for FreedMarcroft to pursue pointless, meritless, frivolous, vexatious litigation in a divorce matter to further a commercial interest. Attorney Misty Simmons filed for a protective order requesting the court to conceal the source … but it did not help.

Looks like family court legal fees are a small price to pay to protect Stop&Shop’s monopoly on the Glastonbury grocery market, benefiting Town Manager Richard Johnson, Planning Director Rebecca Augur, Council Chair Tom Gullotta, and the shady group known as Glastonbury Coalition for Sensible Growth, which is a lobby for Stop&Shop. Great drama arises when a sly developer buys in persona legal harassment against John Sakon who has been targeted by town players for trying to develop grocery competition on the north end of town.

The now-famous Blog provides its standard disclaimer that it ain’t makin’ this shit up. Court whispers travel far and wide. Gossip suggests the money did not come directly from Stop&Shop, but from former Senior Vice President for real estate Anthony Colavolpe of Branford, who has a long history of opposing development efforts in Glastonbury by Odin’s dad. See how a developer uses little Odin’s childhood as a weapon of spite? Blog wonders how much Judge Tammy is getting paid to misuse the court? Tammy’s conduct has been quite prejudicial, like she has a financial interest to traffic Odin to the demise of dad. Her instant denial of dad’s subpoena to determine the source of the cash betrays judicial involvement.

Isn’t Connecticut wonderful! Like no one was going to notice that penniless Francelia was getting unlimited cash to keep up a custody fight? Blog sees all. Judge Tammy must declare a mistrial for the legal abuse of a childhood in a commercial competition under the color of dissolution law, funded by a third party. Ouch, this is going to sting.