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Tong: A jew?

Is the chink Attorney General of Connecticut a communist jew? Blog star William Tong acts as the lawyer for the state government, that institution ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people’, but it is closer to a terrorist organization designed to operate against ‘we the people’ by raping the kids. Time to ask the obvious question: Is Tong a jew?

The blog finds nothing in Tong’s conduct to indicate he is not a jew. He does not love the nation, acts to disrupt society, supports all that is deviant, twisted, and immoral, does nothing to make life better for the population. Jews operate with purposeful deceit and deception. Tong does the same. He publicly proclaims that his top priority is to protect FAMILIES, but then deploys his flying monkey Robert J. Deichert to oppose a mother’s redress of grievance against state actors who intentionally abuse her children. Tong’s top PRIORITY is to protect families, but opposes a mother’s action to protect her own children being abused by jews in the now infamous Ambrose case? WTF? A jew game? Say one thing do the opposite?

The Office of Attorney General holds statutory duty to protect public interests. Conduct by Assistant AG Deichert reveals that the state has a higher interest to protect jewish conduct in family court by trafficking children and destroying mother-child bonds in support of pedophilia. Is Tong part of the jewish mafia that allows Judge Adelman, Judge Grossman, Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, and Attorney Nancy Aldrich to rape childhoods and plunder family bank? Tong promotes protection of deviants, queers, gay, trannies, bi, pedophiles, and the like, but he tosses Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer Ambrose under the bus? Tong is looking pretty damn jewish. Does his wife Elizabeth suck his itty bitty chink dick in adoration of his manliness which allows family court jews to deny hugs from mom to children? Is this the jew wrath upon the goy? Why would Elizabeth Tong, Reneé Deichert, and Annie Lamont suck pedo dicks for deviants who need to rape childhoods in the name of the people? Chinaman has no sympathy for three little brown kids being fucked over by pale jews in black robes? Do Elizabeth, Reneé, and Annie cheer on their husbands, saying fuck the kids harder?

Of greater racial concern is why does the chink attorney general defend the conduct of a judiciary run by a dumb nigger to rape childhood? Does Nancy Robinson sleep in the same bed as nigger boy Chief Justice Robinson who allows white judges to rape the childhoods of three little brown kids? Is Robinson just a white nigger, doing white things to hold his place in white world, just a slave to his masters, incapable of protecting a child from a state employee’s deviant purpose? Chink AG has no empathy for brown kids? Tong ain’t exactly ‘white’.

The now-famous blog calls out Attorney General Tong for being a communist jew chink, protecting niggers and jews in the rape of little brown kids under the color of dissolution law, disguising the jew racketeering operation of family court. A true domestic terrorist, who cares not for public interest.

Only question to remain is who gonna get a .50 cal to the head? Nigger, chink, or jew?