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Nuttier Nunley

The now-famous Blog spotlights efforts of yellow, commie chink William Tong to thwart parental rights in federal court on behalf of sovereign nutmegs, in pleading by communist foot soldier AAG Alma Rose Nunley who pleads that a father cannot be ‘next friend’ for little Odin Sakon of Manchester, whom TAMMY!, Diana, and Nastri have maligned in deprivation of federal ADA rights. Oi vey! The jewish ideology of societal and familial destruction flows forth from the Office of Attorney General of Connecticut with kosher venom. Nunley cites no case law, no statute, no public policy that prohibits a father from acting as next friend for his abused child, but don’t let rule of law interfere with jewish cause to trash parental protection of a child. Nunley conveniently omits nutmeg case law by Justice Lavine who clearly defines parental duty:

Parents retain responsibility for protecting their minor children from harm, emotional and otherwise.

Nunley argues that a father has no claim for relief in federal court when three stooges of the family bench violate rights of a child by discriminatory rulings that violate federal civil rights protections codified in ADA Title II, 28 CFR §35.130(g):  A public entity shall not exclude or otherwise deny equal services, programs, or activities to an individual or entity because of the disability of an individual with whom the individual has a relationship. Where the Superior Cesspool of Connecticut directly discriminates against Odin Sakon by denial of dad hugs by jewdicial discretion in direct violation of federal law, where relief is only found in federal suit. What the fuck is Nunley doing? A state paycheck sponge who eschews federal law in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Tong is out of control!

Blog’s legal department notes that it is the burden of Connecticut to comply with the ADA, where the people pay big bucks for government employees to comply, but in the instant matter, Nunley argues against federal law for no legal purpose, other than to uphold jewdicial malfeasance of TAMMY!, Diana, and Nastri. The state government has turned against the sovereign, inciting imminent lawless action, highlighting need for Second Amendment protections of a free people. Judge Michael Albis fails his duty as chief of family division to properly train morons in black, provide assurance to correctness of ancillary orders in granting an administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce, fails to restrict the jewdicial overreach in destruction of constitutionally protected parent-child bonds, fundamental liberty interests requiring strict scrutiny under the substantive due process clause of the Fifth Amendment. There is no state interest in isolating a child from a parent, no petition of unfitness has been pleaded by AG Tong against the father, a grotesque error of family court, which defies rule of law. Albis is an idiot.

Nunley makes a frivolous, meritless, vexatious argument that seeking relief for civil rights violations in federal court violates the incompetent Rooker-Feldman doctrine, implying that a state family court is immune from federal remedy codified in the First Amendment redress clause. Nunley’s bullshit is devoid of citations, obscuring the nub of the federal complaint that nutmeg judges are ignorant of ADA Title II requirements, trampling civil rights under color of dissolution law, abusing child rights in the process. Nunley is a nut!

Final proof of Nunley’s incompetence to practice law is her false claim that the Eleventh Amendment exempts the State from federal suit for violation of ADA civil rights, yet she omits the fact that congress voided this shield as part of the Act, allowing the State to answer to their non-compliance in federal court. Nunley is pretty much lying in name of a sovereign people who hold no interest in violating civil rights law. Welcome to the gulag, your warden is a jew, the prison attorney is a yellow commie chink, you are an inmate, now shut up and get in the box car!!

Editor’s Note:  If Tong would spend just a little bit of effort policing the jewdicial authority of family court, in protection of childhood, there would be no need for Nunley to file fabricated claims in federal court.

State clowns, childhood rapists, domestic terrorists, enemies of the people, violators of civil rights.

Second Amendment protects all.