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Nuttier Nunley

The now-famous Blog’s department of sewage observes Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Alma Nunley, a nut job of retarded proportions, flush taxpayer funds into the septic tank of legal incompetence. Tong’s strategy of fukking up citizens, denying rights, advancing the jewdicial agenda upon the goy of the gulag exposes itself in more of Nunley’s frivolous, meritless, vexatious pleadings in federal court, a game of blowing smoke up the black nostrils of USDJ Alvin Thompson in Hartford Federal Courthouse. Jews have no shame.

Nunley claims TAMMY!’s victim has no right to redress in federal court for jewdicial retaliation in violation of ADA Title II in family court. Displaced Asian rice paddy attendant TAMMY! violates civil rights protections codified in Americans with Disabilities Act, the victim filed an administrative complaint, where Melanie S. Buckley, a $140k/yr state paycheck sponge, denies relief, directing the victim to complain to federal agency; suit properly filed in federal court. Now comes Nutty Nunley claiming the official written directive of Connecticut is WRONG! The victim of discrimination/retaliation should not be in federal court, that adhering to formal state directives is improper, Buckley is just joking, sending another victim of the jewdiciary on a goose chase.

Blog calls bullshit on Nunley. She cannot enter federal court pleading to dismiss the complaint which the State specifically directed to be taken up there, but Tong’s office is too stupid to realize arguing against Connecticut is a sanctionable offense in view of federal court. Tong’s papers to dismiss are here and here; all Nunley errors. Melanie Buckley’s direction to seek federal relief is here. Now who is the fool? Nunley for being trick fucked by Buckley? Tong for being trick fucked by Nunley? The taxpayer for paying $181k/yr for Tammy, $140k/yr for Buckley, $115k/yr for Nunley, $110k/yr for Tong? Do the math!

Will Nunley be summarily disbarred for attempted trick fucking of USDJ Thompson?

Editor’s Note: Grab popcorn! Nunley must withdraw her motion to dismiss has she is arguing against official Connecticut judicial branch directive to seek relief in federal court, per the Act. Tong cannot supervise a chinese take-out restaurant, dumb commie chink missed the slow boat back to China.

TAMMY! violates civil rights of Dad, told by Melanie Buckley to go to the feds, filed in federal court, Tong argues not in federal court … Nunley and Buckley are white.