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Tammy d’Turkey


Blog star Judge Tammy Nguyen of Connecticut makes federal splash for attempted assassination of father of little Odin. The jewdicial miscreant denied ADA accommodation, previously granted by court order, then she dismissed all pleadings with prejudice, in malicious retaliation, violating federal civil rights law, ADA Title II. Tammy! attempted to induce a heart attack on the old fart with pulmonary problems, forcing him to stand all day arguing against taking his son away. When the jewdicial branch failed its federal compliance duty, refusing to remedy Tammy’s discriminatory conduct, Odin’s daddy filed for relief in federal court, where Judge Alvin W. Thompson now commands AG Willie Tong to appear to explain Connecticut’s willful non-compliance with federal law! Bring popcorn, this is gonna be good!

The mechanics behind ADA Title II burdens states with compliance duty, a complaint of violation on USDJ Thompson’s docket is a red flag of Corrupticut’s malfeasance. Judge Thompson has an open and shut case, Tammy! is guilty, Connecticut is at fault, federal court must punish and force compliance. Tong and nigger boy Richard Robinson gonna get bitch slapped on enforcement of the Fourteenth Amendment. Tammy! exposes the fallacy of a court, vested with best interest of children, defying federal law. Tong will be skewered before the federal bench, having no excuse for Tammy’s derogation of rights of Odin’s dad, a legal and fiduciary failure of the jewdicial branch … no surprise to Blog & Company!

Tammy! is guilty of retaliation against a qualified individual, discriminatory conduct, proscribed by 28CFR§35.134 of implementing regulations. A state actor, violating federal civil rights of Odin’s dad, in a state court, on the record, in public view, acting under color of state dissolution law, is criminal conduct under 18USC §242. Ergo: Tammy! is a criminal … which Blog aficionados have known since her debut in June ’21. The jewish ideology of labeling a parent ‘mental’, then stripping custody is now laid bare before the federal bench. AG Tong squirms to claim family court ADA violations are legal, a proper application of jewdicial discretion, thwarting federal law; Tong’s jewish masters will beat him senseless, forcing him to lie in federal court that it is in the best interest of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, Odin, Leo, Wyatt, Emily, Gabby, Michael, Paul, Lulu, Max, and other kids to be isolated from a parent because of court diagnosed parental ‘defect’. Judge Thompson needs to check the brakes on his car; shadow powers of Corrupticut family traffickers have dreaded this day where jewdicial child abuse collides with federal civil rights law, which is why miscreant magistrate Dave Vatti recommends dismissal of the complaint, another jew opinion, by talmudic law. The jewdiciary of child rape will not stand for an enforcement opinion by Judge Thompson, upsetting craft of plunder, paedo protection, severing of parent-child bonds, there is simply too much money at stake, too many culprits, too many childhoods to rape, for Thompson to upset the jewish racketeering delicacy, Vatti has given away the script. It is likely that Thompson has already been threatened, that he will make the suit disappear, deny Odin’s dad remedy at bar, play along with the state jewdiciary or suffer the consequences of opposing rabbinical powers. Protecting children is not of interest to jew feds.

In matters of ADA violations by a state, it is customary that the U.S. Attorney’s office appears to enforce federal civil rights, an element of the Fourteenth Amendment, but Vanessa Roberts Avery is a black pawn in a jewish mafia, who will turn a blind eye to the grotesque constitutional violations of Corrupticut judges to defeat fundamental liberties … how the jews roll.

The now-famous Blog’s racial equity and inclusion department notes Judge Thompson is a black man in a black robe, before him, defendant Tammy! a brown viet-cong, in a black robe, guilty of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, managed by nigger boy Robinson, a black man in a black robe, conspirator in KKK Act violation, defended by yellow commie chink AG Tong, a jew’s puppet, where the victim of deprivation is Odin’s very white daddy. How the world has changed, whitey is now the victim of diverse racial minorities seeking relief before a freed slave to uphold federal law.

Definite lack of whiteness. Skin pigment does not protect civil rights.