Tammy d’Idiot

The mental retardation of Connecticut family court judges is severe. Judge Tammy Viet-Cong cannot count. Her limited intellect cannot comprehend that 24 is greater than 13. She continues to preside over a long drawn out trial for divorce that was commenced in 2016 and is still not finished. The Sakon case may be the record holder for the longest running court drama (1915 days to date) for a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce. The firm of FreedMarcroft is the singular beneficiary to Tammy’s inability to manage a trial. Or as the now-famous Blog’s accountants suggest, Tammy is getting a kickback in return for dragging out the litigation for no purpose in law. Pay to play.

The simple legal issue is that Dr. Linda Smith, PhD, delivered the jewish word-salad of the undefined ‘custody evaluation‘ for little Odin back in 2019, over two years ago. Even an uneducated Vietnamese agricultural worker in the rice paddy knows this is 24 months. The kid was 8 then, now is 10. Under well settled Connecticut case law from the state supreme and appellate courts, dating back to 1979, a stale evaluation cannot be used by the court. The appellate court stated explicitly that a 13 month old evaluation is unusable, Tammy is entertaining a 24 month old evaluation. See why d’Blog psychiatric department suggests Tammy is retarded? Unsuited for the higher math associated with family law? She missed her lifelong calling of working in a rice paddy. The legal specific is that the court must make decisions for the 10 year old based on present conditions, not from when the kid was 8. Judge Tammy is a trial judge bound by direct case law, no arguments, no discretion, no silly tricks, Tammy must toss Dr. Smith’s work product and strike the hours of testimony going back to May when this portion of the trial commenced. The rule of law. It is what legal scholars call a MISTRIAL.

How is Judge Tammy fulfilling her oath? How is she executing the duties of judicial office in defiance of due process and equal protection? Continuing a trial for no legal purpose, other than the family court practice of enriching attorneys from FreedMarcroft, who are conspiring in the racketeering operation. Attorney Misty Simmons is engaged in criminal activity in conspiracy with Judge Tammy to prolong a trial on inadmissible information. Managing partners Meghan Freed and Kristen Marcroft are culpable. Of even greater malfeasance is that Dr. Smith is represented by the infamous, dirty, obese, nasty, sister of Jabba d’Hut, Attorney Sue Cousineau, who sits in court making purposeless objections to questions on Smith’s stale work product, which Sue knows is unusable. Then there is Attorney Cara Joyce, who works for the professional liability insurance company dealing with a malpractice suit against Dr. Smith, sitting next to Cousineau, knowing full well that the work product is unusable and that her client is committing fraud under oath by testifying to what is inadmissible, just to drag out litigation and run up billable hours for everyone, including Smith who charges $5k/day to be in court. Even the insurance company is being milked by Joyce, one billable hour at a time. A rather dangerous situation of Attorney Joyce given that Judge Cobb ruled Smith does not possess immunity for her participation in the trafficking of Odin.

Racketeering is obvious, even Dr. Smith knows that her evaluation is stale, she is testifying to matters that are more than two years old, being irrelevant to forensic psychology of the present best interests of Odin. Cause for the state Department of Public Health to suspend her license and invoke disciplinary action for unethical conduct. Rather than simply state to the judge that she has nothing to say regarding the present situation, withdrawing her work product as being legally irrelevant, she plays along, laughing all the way to the bank, while Tammy defies the high court for the financial benefit of what is an all-female racketeering team.

Connecticut family court’s best interest of a child is measured in billable hours.

Big dumb nigger’s leadership can’t manage Judge Tammy Nguyen to get a simple divorce done, under the law, in less than five years. A racketeering operation to bleed families to fund the Bar. Criminal conduct in full public view.