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Lisa Backus

Blog editorial staff spotlights Lisa Backus, a so called journalist, promoting chosen ideology of Connecticut’s ruling elite thru yellow journalism, worthy of an Oscar. Lisa’s coverage of Judge Moukawsher’s unconstitutional act in disbarring a zealous advocate is propaganda at best, treason at worst, conspiring with the jewdiciary to uphold the totalitarian rule of monsters in black, to the detriment of founding principles, undermining rule of law, defeating sovereignty of ‘we the people’.  Lisa is a commissar of the state, driven to fool her readers to believe in the absolute rule of authority. Lisa is a shill.

Lisa’s pathetic prose in a recent article on the tyranny of Judge Moukawsher fails to disclose the obvious. Her pen paints the victim black, evil, vile, mentally unstable, villainous, obscuring the fact that the jewdicial mafia acts outside of constitutional limits on its own form of law: tyranny.  Lisa is so stupid, she cannot grasp requirements of the 14th Amendment, which prohibits Judge Moukawsher from acting as accuser, judge, jury, and executioner because he did not like pure, protected, political speech in his courtroom. Lisa cannot recognize that Moukawsher shreds the First, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments while sucking up a state paycheck, failing his oath, abandoning his office, terrorizing a free people. Lisa forgets her place as a member of the ‘free press’. Lisa is a moron.

Lisa provides misleading coverage of Moukawsher’s folly in disbarment of an attorney. Writing:

she was disbarred by Judge Thomas Moukawsher for making anti-semitic remarks about a judge while she was representing a mother in a divorce.

Does Lisa imply that criticism of jewish ideology in goy divorce proceedings is criminal speech? Does Lisa imply ‘anti-jewish’ remarks are not free speech? Does Lisa suggest Moukawsher is the jewish speech police? A new class of unprotected speech in gulag Corrupticut, that which offends jews? Jewdicial practice rules defeat due process? Does Lisa promote separation of children from mothers in the name of the sovereign people of Connecticut? Does Lisa claim that jewdicial best interest in destruction of parent-child bonds is official state policy? Does Lisa expose her inhumanity in promoting actions of a monster like Moukawsher? What is Lisa’s game? A jewish mouthpiece to uphold unconstitutional familial destruction by the jews of the family court? C’mon Lisa, family rape in Connecticut is not the rule of law, just edict of jew Judge Elliot Solomon who trained all family court judges in ideology of the chosen to destroy families, a focused attack on the foundation of the Church; jews hate dat Church! Jews hate Christians, jews hate mothers. Jews hate the hoos of Hooville. Is Lisa a jew?

Moukawsher abridges freedom of speech and voids the redress clause, so offended by zealous advocacy in the adversarial system, he disbars the advocate for advocating. Family Court is a jewish cesspool of anti-Christian ideology enacted and controlled by jews, but don’t state the obvious or Dave Chappelle will do an SNL skit on the jewdiciary. Lisa does the work of her masters, committing fraud on the public, under color of reporting jewdicial tyranny as news. So sad, so Lisa.

Why not a thoughtful article that the state jewdiciary is tyranny personified, that the big dumb nigger in charge is a jew puppet, willfully violating the Constitution to pleasure his chosen masters, that Kanye West and Dave Chappelle know more than Lisa about jewish control of the goy, the destruction of lives, branding any discussion of ‘the jews’ as hate speech, just ask Jewette Katz and her ADL pals Jon Greenblatt and Stacey Sobel. Why not a thoughtful news article about the disconnect between SCOTUS law in Troxel v Granville, protecting mother-child bonds and Nutmeg supreme court case law, Yontef, authorizing familial destruction by whim of a jew judge, in violation of state policy for strong families and loved children? Why not an article on why poor brown kids don’t get expensive GALs, but rich family kids do? An article on GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz bagging $200k for raping childhoods of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer? An article on GAL Michael Meehan destroying the Dulos family for shekels along with jew Judge Donna Heller, jew Attorney Reuben Midler, jew psychologist Stephen Herman? Reality of the jewdiciary is that divorces of rich people cost a lot of money that goes to jew pockets, poor people are poor, jews have no interest, nor do the judges.

Connecticut family court is a jewish cesspool, stating the obvious is not cause for disbarment, it just shows how much control the jews hold over the goy, even over the free press and clowns like Lisa Backus.

Editor’s Note:  Lisa plays jewish shill for the jewdiciary in her article obscuring the conduct of jew Judge Heller, which was the proximate cause of the death of Jen Dulos.

A jewish conspiracy of familial destruction for shekels, under nigger management.

Jew hate club … hate dem goy!

Disbarred Hamden attorney Nickola Cunha demands her cut from client cases now tied up in court

MIDDLETOWN—Disbarred Hamden attorney Nickola Cunha is seeking payment from settlements due to clients she had represented before her cases went to a trustee in January.

Cunha wants a judge to order the trustee to pay her about $24,000 in funds from the insurance settlements received by three former clients, according to court papers filed Nov. 7.

She “is experiencing financial hardship that is also impacting her husband,” Cunha said in the filing. The financial troubles are also making it hard for her niece who is under her guardianship to register for college classes next semester “absent payment,” Cunha said in the motion.

Cunha’s clients were turned over to a trustee in January after she was disbarred by Judge Thomas Moukawsher of the Superior Court of Middletown for making anti-Semitic remarks about a judge while she was representing a female client in a divorce.

Cunha wound up in handcuffs in early June when Moukawsher ordered that she be taken into custody after she repeatedly failed to provide the trustee with the names and contact information for some of her clients. Cunha’s attorney Norm Pattis had asked Moukawsher for time to have his client receive a mental health evaluation and the proceedings were put on hold. Pattis did not return a request for comment Monday.

Prior to that, Cunha had unsuccessfully appealed the disbarment before the Appellate and state Supreme Court, court records show.

The state’s Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel is in the process of auditing her attorney accounts and has leveled accusations that she misappropriated $78,000 from a client’s settlement, court papers stated. No charges have been filed and there is no indication in court papers that the audit has been completed.

In subsequent court filings, Chief Disciplinary Counsel Brian Staines indicated that it appears Cunha may have used $41,000 of the $78,000 to pay off a second client. Staines was given permission by Moukawsher on July 13 to give the first client $101,000 of the $291,000 accident settlement she won.

The embattled disbarred attorney is also facing more potential discipline from the Statewide Grievance Committee which will be hearing arguments on whether she behaved inappropriately when she accused three other attorneys of wrongdoing. The panel of the committee is slated to meet to discuss her case on Dec. 7, court orders indicate.

In the meantime, Cunha contends in the self-written motion filed on Nov. 7, that Staines had no authority to tell the trustee to withhold the attorney fees from settlements for her clients.

Staines had filed his own motion on Sept. 1 seeking an order from the court to have the trustee take possession of roughly $24,000 in fees from three clients that would have gone to Cunha. But the judge has not issued an order on that motion. The trustee had taken possession of an attorney’s fee of $6,111 for the case that involved the $78,000 that Staines claims Cunha took from a client’s insurance settlement, Staines said in the motion.

State Farm Insurance was also hanging on to $8,333 for one client and $9,166 for another client, Staines said. But the two clients wanted the fee given to them because they “may be making a claim against Cunha, his motion stated.

Cunha is asking the judge to order the trustee to release to her any attorney fees received from client settlements including the $24,000 currently being held.

Cunha was disbarred in January after Moukawsher ruled she had made “empty and malicious claims,” alleging another judge was engaged in a Judaism-based conspiracy and protected child sexual abuse as part of her representation of a Glastonbury woman engaged in a dissolution of marriage case.