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The Worst!

The now-famous Blog has been declared THE WORST by Judge Gerard Adelman of Connecticut family court who opines the following:

This blog, produced by an unnamed person, is filled with anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist rants of the worst kind. It is based on the belief that the entire family law bench and bar in Connecticut and other states are being controlled by a mysterious Jewish cabal in order to steal children away from loving parents and give them to rapists and pedophiles.

Judge Gerard I. Adelman

The now-famous Blog’s editorial staff applauds Adelman for commentary of protected speech under the First Amendment, but finds his opinion wholly unrelated to judicial function of granting Mad Man Christopher Ambrose a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce. Adelman brings into his court a Blog that sleeps quietly in a cyber cloud, bothering no one. The psychotic jew has to make a fuss, because he is a jew.

Adelman abuses due process, denies equal protection, violates Fourteenth Amendment. Adelman’s misconduct is a violation of Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 2.11 demonstrating lack of impartiality, bias & prejudice against the mother by bringing Blog into court. PJ Moukawsher violates Rule 2.12, for failing to supervise Adelman to attend to court functions, not public debate; big dumb nigger CJ Robinson violates Rule 2.14, for failing to address Adel-nut’s mental defect which inhibits his ability to administer justice. Pretty much a trifecta of jewdicial fuckery masquerading as the Judicial Branch; simple jewish perfidy.

Blog puts a bright feather in its cap, officially ruled THE WORST! by incompetent jewdicial authority who fails his official duty. Using a divorce decree to vent his spleen about speech he hates, poor jew boy gone bonkers.

Editor’s Note: Federal Reserve is a cabal of jewish counting houses. 6M gassed in showers is a jewish hoax ADL just jew sour grapes of lynching Leo Franks. Jews have no right to Palestine. No fault divorce is an anti-christian jewish invention. Adelman is a lying jewish pig.

Adleman’s kike opinion of Blog holds no legal purpose, but demonstrates failure of his duty to protect children from emotional and psychological harm of jewish court whores. An angry mob grows angry.