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Forensic Fraud

Did Judge Stuart Rosen of Hartford civil court just expose the scam of family court, calling out Dr. Linda Smith, PhD for fraud, on false claim of ‘forensic psychologist’ who can analyze custody disputes to decide what is best for a child?

Blog famous jewish nut-job Dr. Linda Smith, a so called forensic psychologist, jewish pet of evil family court judges, is being sued by a father, for breach of contract for ‘professional services’, in the six year long custody dispute over little Odin Sakon.  Smith’s lawyer, the incompetent Cara Joyce of MorrisonMahoney got bitch slapped for arguing to dismiss the suit, wherein her argument exposes Smith is engaged in fraud, falsely claiming her abilities, a matter which the court finds to be a question for a jury. Ooops! The jews fucked up again. Family court jewdicial supremacy has exposed its talmudic scam in full public view. The charade of jewish psychobabble opinion being ‘expert’ is coming apart. The goy have called out the jewdicial emperor for having no clothes. Nigger boy Robinson has nowhere to hide, his kangaroo court system falls to the jury box for being a state sponsored scam … bring popcorn!

Blog’s public service department notes that if Judge Rosen can smell fraud of a state licensed professional, then why can’t Public Health Commissioner Dr. Manisha Juthani, MD? DPH is the executive agency under jew Governor Lamont responsible to ‘we the people’ for regulating the ‘profession’. DPH is staffed with investigators, lawyers, review boards, etc. Does Dr. Juthani turn a blind eye to the fraud committed by licensees such as Linda Smith, Jessica Caverly, Bruce Freedman, Stephan Herman, Robert Horowitz, Debra Gruen, Sidney Horowitz, a notably jewish gaggle of charlatans, now called out as frauds for claim of ‘forensic psychology’, nothing more than ‘snake oil’ sold for shekels for the pleasure of jewish ideology in family court, anything for the rape of childhood is acceptable to the jew.

A jury verdict on the fraud of ‘forensic psychology’ in family court will collapse the system, open the state to massive liability by misconduct of jew judges who have destroyed childhoods based on unfounded opinions of jewish psychologists under doting care of jew judges orchestrating financial rape of family savings. Oi vey, Elliot Solomon never saw this coming, blinded by his chosen superiority and absolute discretion; ooops! Critical flaw exposed, the Achilles Heel, baseless opinions of jew psychologists, relying on a state license, regulated profession, blessed by the jewdiciary, codified in practice rule, becomes the undoing of the rabbinical court … bring popcorn, snow caps, milk duds, big gulp soda; Armageddon is upon nigger boy Robinson and his unjust jewdicial branch, flash bangs of Second Amendment not required to purge the bench; impeachments, resignations to follow, along with federal litigation against the state for perpetrating fraud upon ‘we the people’ of Connecticut.  Elliot Solomon’s legacy is being cast.

Incompetent, brown skinned, DPH Commissioner Juthani, ignores fraud of licensed jews peddling ‘forensic psychology’ in family court, conspires in rape of white childhoods.

Incompetent Attorney Cara Joyce argues her client into fraud charges on claim of ‘forensic psychology’.

Jewish ‘forensic psychology’ scam will face a jury by order of Judge Rosen.

Gaggle of ‘forensic psychologists’, all jews, and their doting jew judges, who operate the scam.

The kangaroo don’t need a lynchin’