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Nunley d’Nut

Taxpayers of Connecticut get fleeced again! Under supervision of AG Willie Tong, the retarded Alma Nunley enters federal court arguing the ADA does not apply to family court, that Judge Tammy! is immune from any federal civil rights laws, that a parental mental defect for which TAMMY! orders treatment is not a disability, even though TAMMY! severed the parent-child bond.  Oi vey! Where does the Governor find these idiots to dress in black robes? How does a clown like Alma Nunley get state funding to be an idiot? $115k/yr to blow smoke up USDJ Alvin Thompson’s pant leg.

The issue is simple, Judge Leo Diana recognizes old fart John Sakon as a ‘qualified individual’ under the Americans with Disabilities Act, granting him a court ordered ‘accommodation’ for half-day trial days, lest he suffer a coronary, as cautioned by heart doctor. Trial judge TAMMY! voided the order, going all day, but when the old fart refused to return after lunch, exercising Diana’ accommodation, TAMMY! blew a gasket, ended the trial, dismissed all pending motions with prejudice, faulting the old fart, which is called RETALIATION under the ADA, forbidden conduct!!!  Now Nunley d’Nut argues in federal court, old fart did not have a disability, that finding of mental defect by TAMMY! is not a disability, that family court is completely immune from federal scrutiny of ADA non-compliance, that there is no RETALIATION, yada, yada, yada. Thirty-four pages of total horseshit tossed in the face of a federal judge, for no purpose in law other than to delay answering the complaint, draw out litigation, waiting for old fart to die.

Funny part of the story is that USDJ Thompson already had a status conference on the case, where he told Nunley d’Nut that the suit sticks and a motion to dismiss is pointless. Nunley’s motion to dismiss is so pathetic that she did not even request oral arguments, admitting it is indefensible trash. The motion appears to be a cut and paste job of WestLaw keys and headnotes, alluding to irrelevant topics filling up thirty-four pages of tripe. Nunley falsely argues Rooker-Feldman doctrine bars an ADA complaint in federal court because it was done by a ‘family’ court judge … hilarious!!! Then Nunley sez the Eleventh Amendment bars the ADA claim citing unrelated case law from a decade before the ADA came into being, wherein congress specifically exempted federal ADA complaints from Eleventh protection, as it is state burden to comply. Nunley wishes judicial immunity protects TAMMY! and her malicious disobedience to federal civil rights law, forgetting that violation is not a judicial function, for which no immunity lies. The memo of law appears written by a fool, designed solely to confuse, filled with irrelevant citations, even claiming Judge Diana failed to identify a disability in his accommodation order, ignoring ADA/HIPAA disclosure prohibitions in administration of the Act. Can Nunley be this stupid? No, of course not, the memo of law is fraud and deception played on the federal court by an attorney playing tricks to run the clock. Nunley knows Connecticut is fucked, TAMMY! blew it, all Blog readers know it, Tong knows it, USDJ Thompson knows it, Nunley was told same, but the childish, immature, unprofessional conduct of Tong’s office produces thirty-four pages of horseshit, an embarrassment to nutmeg sovereignty, a public insult serving no purpose in law, where Tong holds federal legal duty to remedy the violation caused by TAMMY!, but he will not do his job, because he is TONG, commie, chink, paedo protecting asshole who should be on a slow boat back to China.

It is a five minute issue of AG Tong to remedy the misconduct of TAMMY! The state is facing a federal jury trial for which facts are verified and published by Blog, no defense lies, the sovereign people hold civic duty for ADA compliance, but Nunley plays games. Bring popcorn this is going to expose TONG for the piece of shit lawyer he truly is, that he cannot manage retarded lawyers, that deceit and dishonesty are AG hallmarks, that he does not represent the people, he betrays the electorate, proves himself a true enemy of the people and their Constitution. Time to spell I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T!

Read old fart’s complaint here.  Read Nunley’s pathetic work product here. Response motion to strike here.

Editor’s Note: Tong does not represent the interests of a sovereign people, he is a puppet of his masters, beholden to an ideology alien to the founding fathers; a true domestic enemy of the Constitution, a terrorist.

Impeach the commie chink, send him back to China.

Willie Tong blowing smoke at USDJ Alvin Thompson, pretending TAMMY! has immunity to violate federal civil rights law.