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Judicial Joke

Did you hear the one about Connecticut judges having SUPERVISORY DUTIES to ensure judges and clerks do their fucking jobs? It is hilarious! Added to the feigned Code of Judicial Conduct in 2011, approved by the monkeys of the legislature, the managing morons in black robes are required by CODE to ensure the judicial employees actually perform their job function.

The CODE construction requires all retards in black ‘take reasonable measures’ to ensure Branch paycheck sponges actually execute their jobs. Retards in black who supervise other retards in black must ensure the subordinate retards execute judicial functions, with a specific requirement for PROMPT DISPOSITION of pleadings. Jews love to put words on paper providing the illusion of responsible government, then ignore it completely for personal gain.

Blog peanut gallery cannot find a single example of adult supervision of retards in black supervising retards in black. Does anything in Judge Michael Albis’ family division get done promptly? Dickwad CCAJ Patrick Carroll and his dyke deputy Elizabeth Bozzuto cannot even get Judge Bruno to come to work, but keeps her on payroll for two years. Paedo Judge Leo Diana supervises Judge TAMMY! to drag out the custody litigation of little Odin Sakon for six years. Judges Coleman and Ficeto drag out isolation of Evie and Sophie Grohs from mom for five years. Judge Grossman under supervision of Judge Thomas Welch isolates Mia, Mathew, and Sawyer from mom with no state interest, then Judge Thomas Moukawsher supervises Judge Adelman to extend the isolation to the two year point. Baldy retard Judge Blawie cannot supervise jew Judge Donna Heller who never met a family bank she did not conspire to drain to benefit a bunch of jew lawyers. (RIP Jen D.) Let’s not forget Judge Holly Wetstone’s 86 day custody trial for $13M in legal fees for her pals.

Then there is the big dumb nigger, CJ Richard Robinson, who cannot supervise microwaving popcorn. The nigger is tied to jew puppet strings to ensure that litigants across the state are plugged up and bled dry waiting for justice impeded by jewdicial sale, denial, and delay solely to enrich the Bar Association. Oi vey, if there was ever a need for a .50 cal to the head, the time has come.

Bottom line is that the judges do not follow the CODE JUDICIAL CONDUCT, they conspire to defraud the public, drag out litigation, run amok, as long as their Bar buddies are making bank, pocketing commissions for inbred mismanagement of official duties. A rope from a branch that swings a black robed nigger is a powerful expression by a free people being defrauded by criminal racketeering of niggers, jews, dykes, fags, paedophiles wearing black robes, defying Canon, while inciting imminent lawless action.

Canon 2.12 is codified to ensure public confidence in the judiciary, for confidence turns on timely justice. The American form of LYNCHING came about by delays in court action, where ‘without sale, denial, or delay’ created public justice where the courts failed. History as a guide suggests a nigger swing as a ‘reasonable measure’ to ensure proper judicial performance. Just sayin’.

The jews violated Canon 2.12 in dragging out the Dulos case, undermining public confidence in the jewdiciary who prefer to inflame familial discord creating five orphans and large legal fees for the inability to supervise granting of a simple, administrative divorce. Blood is on the jew hands of the jewdiciary.

Editor’s Note: The term NIGGER is not protected speech in Connecticut per State v LIEBENGUTH, opinion by jew fag Palmer,J. Blog is not in Connecticut; not giving a shit for jewish claims that violate the First Amendment.

Yeah, right. Words on paper that create no action, jewdicial fraud on the public.
Jen Dulos, a victim of culpable neglect by a nigger who can’t run the Branch, violation of Canon 2.12.