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Judge Gerard Adelman of Connecticut family court has proved to the world he is a stark raving mad lunatic in a black robe suffering from grand mental defect. The evidence of his insane lunacy is the divorce decree issued in the Ambrose drama that has spanned three years and drained the family bank, inflicting emotional harm upon three gifts from God. The jew got his pound of flesh.

After two years of forced isolation of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from mother, Judge Adelman orders REUNIFICATION THERAPY to ‘reunify the family unit.’ See how the jews work? Judge Grossman orders isolation of the kids from mom based on quackery of jew psycho nut job Jessica Caverly, which jew boy Adelman upholds, then after bleeding the family bank, the decree directs REUNIFYING the family that the jews tore apart!!! Oi vey! Jewish perfidy is dripping off the 40 pages of the decree. Call it a STING, a racket, a scam, a ripoff, a gypsy trick, the SUPERIOR COURT of Connecticut played the family bank for no purpose in law … Simply Money.

Eventually lead to a reunification of the family unit

Judge Gerard Adelman

The jew tactic of family court fleecing uses purposeless protracted pre-trail litigation to enrich attorneys thru fees for banter before the participating judge, creating conflict where none exists, the judge then abuses discretion by separating mother from children, for no state interest, the jew GAL promotes dad is good, mom is bad, dad’s fucked up behaviour and relationship problems with kids are all mom’s fault, ringer Jessica Caverly parrots the script, jew Judge Grossman severs mother/child bonds, jew Judge Adelman misreads the script, claiming the children need therapy to hug mother, a fact not in evidence, jew Adelman orders expensive quack therapy with jew Dr. Robert Horowitz for children who love their mother … only jews can construct such a twisted interpretation of reality for the sole purpose of sucking more money out of a destroyed family. Money is the true god of the jew, devouring Christian children a kosher delicacy.

The jews have the family court wired for the sole purpose of destroying childhood to enrich pathetic members of the Bar under chief racketeer Alex Cuda, conspiring with retard Judge Michael Albis in abuse of process. All overseen and approved by a big dumb nigger in a black robe who masturbates to the sound of crying children. Lynching holds a common law purpose rooted in the power of the sovereign, betrayed by the jewdiciary.

Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer having endured two years of forced isolation from mother are now ordered to be REUNIFIED with mom. The jews took their pound of flesh.
Alex Cuda, chief racketeer of family Bar Association, a child predator, target of angry parental militia, manure for Tree of Liberty.