Target: Heller

Time for the women of Connecticut to stand in solidarity for Jennifer Dulos, the murdered mother of five, abused by the family court for the singular fault of having money. The family court seeks money from litigants to reward court vultures. Family savings accounts fund the entire cadre of divorce lawyers in the state. These parasites operate to make money, not to obtain justice. Judge Donna Heller is a ring leader of the birds of prey. Judge Heller is the proximate cause of the death of Jen Dulos.

The proof of the premise that family court is singularly focused on the assets of the parties is shown by comparing Baby Aaden’s case before Judge Pinkus in Middletown and Jen’s case before Heller in Stamford. Both cases had custody disputes, evidence of domestic violence, both cases under the same statutes of the same state in the same court. Baby Aaden’s family had no money, no lawyers. Judge Pinkus did not appoint a GAL for the poor brown kid, did not hold hearings, did not give these poor brown folks the time of day or court time. He tossed them out, sending them to a ‘family relations officer’ to work out a custody agreement. Baby Aaden later took a dive off the Middletown Bridge. Pinkus is no longer a judge.

In Jen’s case, the court appointed a GAL, held lots of hearings, ordered psyche evals, entertained motions, never sent the parties to a ‘family relations officer’, never directed that they go make an agreement, never restricted access to court time. After 705 days, 221 motions  100 court orders by five different judges and over $1.6M in legal fees, Jen ends up dead, murdered by her abusive husband. Both Heller and Pinkus are jews who were trained in the financial art of Connecticut family law by the king jew Judge Elliot Solomon.

The conduct of the court on two equal sets of parents under the same laws, betrays the true function of the family court; simply money. The family court is the sole revenue generator for the Connecticut Family Bar Association. It also serves to broker work for nefarious court vendors who peddle opinions under the guise of ‘forensic evaluations’. Everything in family court has a price tag, but if you have no money, you get nothin’.

Heller appeared for just one minute and fifty seconds before the Judiciary Committee for her re-appointment hearing. She was asked no questions by the committee. She stated that she is on the task force of National State Courts to improve family court by reducing the time, conflict and overall cost of obtaining a divorce. She is nothing more than the fox in the hen house. The sovereign people of Connecticut enacted statutes to provide quick divorces, Heller nullified those statutes and dragged Jen’s wallet to the cleaners. Heller needs to go.

Now it is up to the mothers of Connecticut to stand up to Elliot Solomon’s brand of deadly money justice. Mothers must put an end to Judge Heller. Mothers must convince the legislature that putting Heller back on the bench is a danger to society and a threat to children. Jen died because of family court. All Jen needed was a simple no-fault divorce to get the psycho, adulterous, abusive Fotis out of her life. But Judge Heller denied this simple relief, as Heller had cause to bleed Jen’s bank for her pals Reuben Midler and Michael Meehan. Only conspirators to murder will vote to reappoint Heller.

If Heller goes back on the bench, which unsuspecting mother is NEXT?

Heller appeared before the committee for exactly one minute and fifty seconds and was asked no questions.
Baby Aaden . Victim of family court, dead like Jen Dulos
Jen Dulos, applied for a divorce, got fleeced and killed, thanks to Judge Heller and the Connecticut Family Bar Association.