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The big dumb nigger boy Richard Robinson, Chief Justice of Connecticut Jewdiciary can’t sleep at night, worried about sovereign response to pathetic conduct of untrained, uneducated, bottom of the barrel jurists he calls ‘judges’. Oi vey! Like this nigger is special because he is a nigger? The sovereign people are a threat to his sleep because he cannot run the judicial branch? When the silent mob, bearing torches in the night, draped in white, lynch tyranny from a sturdy branch of the Charter Oak, liberty will prevail; sleeplessness not an issue. The now-famous Blog, of the worst pure protected political prose takes aim at a dumb nigger, complaining about his pathetic job performance, crying about  a job he cannot do, subject to public scrutiny he does not like, to the point judges are now a protected class of misfits, above the law, more equal than the peasants who pay their salaries. The nigger has done fucked up again, inciting a sovereign people to take up bare arms in protection of law. Blog standard disclaimer:  ain’t makin’ this shit up.

Nigger boy Robinson appears before the legislative committee for the judiciary, a bunch of puppets, mostly controlled by judges, as half are lawyers. Nigger boy whines that judges are targets of public criticism, that such free expression of ‘we the people’ prevents them from doing their job. Oi vey, the fallacy argument of the retarded nigger is deep! Judges are now a protected class of more equal citizens, where it is to be a FELONY to intimidate a clown in black robes, for being a clown in black robes. The old jewish mind trick of ‘reckless disregard’ morphing free speech to criminal conduct is working.  Robinson pleads to his minions that the judiciary cannot function if the judges are in fear, not that anyone forced these clowns to take the job. Robinson twists logic, stating that the simple administrative duties of trial judges are replete with ‘difficult decisions’, alluding to family court and disgruntled parents who lose their children by jewdicial whim. Robinson confuses denial of substantive due process rights of the Fifth Amendment with ‘difficult decisions’, then claims sovereign blowback is INTIMIDATION, which must be criminalized by goy masters to better control the herd. Robinson claims ‘safety of judges’ is the new standard of the branch, a worrisome issue, keeping the tyrants up at night, including the sleepless nigger himself. Robinson violates separation of powers doctrine, creating his personal gestapo of Office of Protective Intelligence, staffed with staypuff marshmallows of the judicial marshal donut whores to spy on the public for any hint of criticism of black-robed tyrants. Big Brother is alive. These minions are avid Blog readers, paid by Robinson to read the now-famous Blog daily, in futile attempts to convert pure protected political speech into criminal conduct worthy of a door bashing SWAT raid; pathetic waste of public funds, by direction of a nigger.

I have established our own Office of Protective Intelligence as part of our Judicial Marshal Services Unit. The office will expand our capability to detect and deter potential threats to judges by collecting, disseminating, and analyzing intelligence.

The big dumb nigger erroneously states that his courts are the protectors of the Constitution. We the people protect OUR Constitution from jungle bunnies like Robinson and his bench of jewish miscreants. We the people defend liberty. We the people hold Second Amendment rights for the sole purpose of dropping tyrants at 800 yards, thru two panes of glass, with a night scope; ballistic protections of rights. We the people are not so stupid to think Robinson and pals are of such patriotic calibre to protect the people’s rights, just look at family court, can’t even protect children, casting fundamental liberties to the wind under alien ideology. Dumb nigger just begs a .50 cal freedom seed; children rejoice. Robinson thinks creating a special class of state employee, more equal than others, that a special penal code is protection, necessary for proper administration of justice, betraying the jew hand at work. Liberty, equality, and justice fall apart when society treats chosen ones in black robes differently than all other citizens. Here is the proposed jewdicial prose:

Sec. 25. (NEW) (a) A person is guilty of intimidating a judge or family support magistrate when such person commits threatening in the second degree pursuant to section 53a-62 of the general statutes and the threat is directed to a judge, either elected or appointed, or a family support magistrate, and relates to a ruling or decision made or to be made by such judge or family support magistrate in any official proceeding.
(b) Intimidating a judge or family support magistrate is a class C felony.

The jewdicial proposal to create a special class of black-robed tyrants did not survive committee review, despite nigger boy’s plea that the revised penal code, narrowly tailored for tyrannical purpose, is necessary for proper administration of justice. Dumb nigger proves he is a dumb nigger and should really not be in government service at all. When judges fear the people there is liberty, when people fear the judges there is tyranny. SCOTUS clearly addresses Robinson’s failure stating:  “No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it.”

Time to face the music, the jewdiciary of Connecticut needs to be purged of its chosen puppets, jews, niggers, dykes, paedos, fags, retards, miscreants, all traitors. Family court is a disgrace to the people. Absolute discretion supplants rule of law, children are trafficked, bank looted, families destroyed, parental rights extinguished, for cause of a simple administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce. Robinson must go, he just too fucking stupid to perform his simple job function, he does not even understand how the country is structured, nor the function of his own branch. Get rid of the nigger for warring against the Constitution.

Editor’s Note:  Who in the jewdiciary proposed the change to the penal code in sole favor of fabricated necessity? It is not the function of the judicial branch to advocate special treatment for themselves, under guise of need to make proper decisions, just another jewish rouse to censor criticism of an errant judiciary.

If judges can eliminate mothers, then mothers can eliminate judges. A well regulated parental militia, necessary for protection of children, right to bare arms shall not be infringed.

Jewidical Gestapo Director O’Donovan Murphy criminalizes free expression against tyranny, while CJ Robinson perverts equal protection to criminalize jewdicial criticism he fears. Joette Katz involvement is obvious.