Die Bozzuto!

Blog gives a shout out to the North Carolina Supreme Court and the seven justices of intellect who recently decided State v Warren that ranting about political clowns on facebook is a necessary element of democracy protected by the First Amendment, even when calling for their heads. Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis is a state motto meaning death to Bozzuto and her deviant family court judges for fucking over kids for the sole purpose of lawyer feed. Oddly Connecticut rules the opposite with respect to what is free speech and what is a true threat.

The striking difference between the Connecticut Supreme Court and the Confederate State Court is the lack of jews, queers, and pedophiles on the southern bench. In the north, the frightened, scared, trembling Bozzuto is found to be the victim of a rough equivalent of a true threat by jew boy and pedo protector Judge David P. Gold, who just makes a notation in footnote 18, that whatever the goy said is roughly not protected speech, and is sort of like a true threat, there being the end of the First Amendment. Jews in Connecticut are not interested in the goy’s rag containing the Bill of Rights. So let’s use some southern style free speech on Bozzuto.

Bozzuto will be the first to go when the rebellion against the government happens! If Bozzuto won’t protect the children, then death to her as well! Have lots of long guns and .308 ball ammunition to fend off her flying monkeys! Shotgun in one arm, AR15 in the other, death to our so called judicial system! If vigilante justice is required, give Bozzuto the mountain justice she deserves! If Bozzuto rapes children then death to her as well! Hell starts now! If the courts won’t protect, then it is up to the people to administer justice! New ammo is made everyday! Vigilante justice! Tired of this political bullshit! Those that flip together, swim together! Time has come for Old Time Mountain justice!

The colorful rants of a southern gentleman, enhanced with a few extra beers, spreading holler philosophy to all his hillbilly friends. Problem is that there are no mountains in Connecticut, no resilient inhabitants, no hillbillies, nothing to constitute ‘Mountain Justice’, so Bozzuto’s critic adds F35 smart bombs, death rays from the space station, an unrung bell, and is forced to take cover, not in the holler, but in the open field of an old cemetery with no clear line of sight thru 900 feet of forest. Oi vey, the yankee disadvantages in taking out a tyrant. North Carolina’s confederate neighbor to the north simply slaughters tyranny by pressing a heavy foot on the windpipe until the twitching stops.

State approved throat stomp.

The technical crowd will note that Tarheel Justice Morgan cites all the same SCOTUS cases that Nutmeg Boy Robinson did in State v Taupier, but for the same speech, Connecticut convicts, North Carolina protects. The Fourteenth Amendment is pointless, as free speech is a function of geography.

The now-famous Blog notes a distinct difference in the two courts, as they address the necessity of speech that makes up the American democratic form of government. Tarheels say that nasty speech is essential for the people to express displeasure with government. Nutmegers to the north, having too much jewthink, do not care for goy opinions, but when goy expression annoys their masters, then goy go to the gulag, chilling political speech for those who think.

Here is the tarheel opinion, here is the nutmeg opinion. The nutmeg expression was communicated via email to a private audience of six, the tarheel expression was on friend’s feed on facebook. In both cases the lame and retarded state bureaus of investigation imagined criminal speech, prosecutors played along, no one having a clue. Each court decision is written by a black man, in a black robe, descended from slaves. The southern black man grew up in the south, in a white neighborhood, went to Duke undergrad, and NC Law. The northerner grew up, in a white neighborhood, in the north, went to UCONN, then West Virginia Law. The southern speaker is a white man, ranting on fb about a white female prosecutor. The northern speaker is a white man, privately ranting about a white dyke family court judge. The southern black judge worked in the NC Office of Attorney General, later elected to district and superior courts, then elected to the Supreme Court. The northern black judge came out of the politically twisted Stamford City law department, later placed in charge of the high court by a white, queer, pedo governor, like a token cuz he’s black. He was the replacement nominee, as queer white guy was bounced by the General Assembly. An inbred democratic political system, under the complete control of the jews, appoints the bench. In contrast, Tarheel justices are elected by ‘the people’, some of whom live in the mountains. Starting to see the reason for the opposite rulings for the same expression? Jews don’t run North Carolina.

In the southern ruling, the court held that there was no mens rea, which is required for the criminal ‘true threat’ exception to free speech. In the northern ruling, the court said forgettaboutit, it looked like and sounded like a threat to the jew judge club, therefore rough equivalent is the true standard, so lock him up!!! A tale of two courts, same Constitution, same speech, but exactly opposite outcomes. Blame the jews who control the nutmeg bench.

The simple fact overlooked by the northern jewish court is that if there was mens rea, meaning actual criminal intent, then Bozzuto would be dead already. The fact that she is still breathing proves that the parental militia has not burned the cross in the call to arms to tear down family court, pile in all the players, and light it on fire … but these judges keep pushing for it by raping childhood and fleecing family savings … the jew’s own scam will be their own demise.

The Nutmeg bench promotes violence, incites imminent lawless action. A citizen in a confederate state has heightened speech protections over an equal counterpart in Connecticut. Let that sink in, while adjusting the night scope on that .308 deer rifle.

Editor’s Note: The jewish form of criminal speech in Connecticut is at odds with less jewish state courts. See Federal Clarification, Unequal Speech, True Threat. Does Dick the Butcher hold protection for stating: The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers. Or as the Ninth Circuit supports … A .50 cal to the head! As Voltaire opines: The jew will be the downfall of humanity.

Political speech of the Confederacy, a true threat in gulag Connecticut. Difference being jewish dislike for goy criticism.